Denaby Utd – Denaby 3 Rotherham 0 – Handsome Victory

March 1905

Mexborough & Swinton Times. March 4th, 1095.

Denaby United 3 Rotherham 0

Denaby delighted their supporters on Saturday by handsomely defeating Rotherham. The final score by no means gives an accurate view of the game, as Denaby were, for the major part of the match, in the visitors’ territory, and gave Wainwright splendid opportunities to show his paces as goalie. He had more shots than he could really deal with, and brought off some remarkable saves, three in quick succession from the foot of the nimble Lavery, he just managing to tip over the bar at the expense of a corner.

Rotherham had certainly hard lines when they lost the service of Beevers, after the game was some seven minutes old, but I don’t think it would have made much difference in the result as the United forwards were evidently in form, and on Saturday were irresistible.

A fair crowd was present when Denaby kicked off with wind and sun in their favour. They immediately pressed, and forced a corner, Hosey shooting a little wide. Rotherham kept them at bay, and managed to work towards the other end. Foster, however, got offside, and play went back, a couple of corners falling to Denaby hearing no results. Lindley and Beevers here met each other, and both were laid out for some few minutes, Beevers having to retire with a split nose. From the throw up Hosey shot wide. Gray and Haigh started towards Hancock, but play was soon in the vicinity of Wainwright, Pilgrim giving a corner from Lavery’s shot, and shortly after another forced by Hawkins. Lawley sent well in and a scrimmage occurred round Wainwright, who at last, after a very exciting minute saved at the expense of a corner. Hosey, Nimrod, and Torr tested Wainwright in quick succession, and Lavery from a centre by Torr missed by inches. Taylor and Pilgrim sent the ball midfield, but Torr and Pilgrim sent the ball midfield, but Torr gained possession, and fine combined play by him, Lavery, and Hosey resulted in Lavery scoring. Rotherham pressed, but weak tacking by Wilkinson and Taylor let Lavery in, who shot weakly, Wainwright having no difficulty in effecting a clearance. Lavery and Hosey both muffed the ball while in good positions. Nimrod and Hawkins both tested Wainwright with a couple of stingers, and Hosey put over. From the goal kick. Torr received, and racing down scored. From the press box it appeared as if he touched it with his hand and evidently the Clifton Lane brigade thought the same, as they most strongly appealed against the decision. Denaby got down again, and had a corner, but Speight broke away without any success, and half-time arrived with the Reds leading 2-0.

The second half was merely a repetition of the first, Rotherham rarely appearing dangerous. They did smarten up in the middle of the second moiety, but Chatfield, Hawkins, and Arnold generally managed to break up their attack. Speight was occasionally aggressive, but never got the chance to pass Welsh and Lawley. Lavery proved a very thorn in the flesh to the Rotherham defence’ it was certainly his day out, and he thoroughly enjoyed himself. If he dozen times, and teasers they all were. At last Lindley gave a fine centre, Wainwright partly saved, and Torr headed in. This finished the scoring, and continual pressing by the Reds brought the game to a finish, Denaby winning by three goals to nil.

I should think that it is a long time since Wainwright had to work so hard. He brought off some wonderful saves. Pilgrim was a host in himself, and neither of those two players can be blamed for the defeat. The halves were mediocre, not being able to cope with the lively Denaby quintet, Sherman being the best of the three, whilst of the forwards Speight and Gray were the only ones to do themselves justice. Foster and Haigh at times were conspicuous but Kettleborough was poor.

Coming to the Denaby team, Hancock was working ‘half-time.’ What he had to do (which was very little) he managed well. Lawley was the best of a pair of not too hard-worked backs. Chatfield, Hawkins, and Arnold were all there, too much there from a Rotherham point of view. I don’t know whatever it was to attract notice or not, but Hawkins had a new shirt (or else it had been washed) on, and that vivid red shirt seemed to be everywhere where there was seemed to be everywhere where there was some work to do.

It seems strange to say that the forwards were not perfection, but still it’s true. It wasn’t Nimrod’s day out, though he played a good game neither is Hosey an ideal centre, being uncertain in front of goal. He, however kept his wings nicely together, and I know a young gentleman (who plays for a team not a thousand miles from Denaby), who could take some lessons from him in that respect. Lindley played a rattling good game, so did Torr, but I think of all the quintet the one Wainwright will remember best is Lavery. ‘Nuff said.’


Denaby. – Hancock, Welsh, Lawley, Chatfield, Hawkins, Arnold, Lindley, Nimrod, Hosey, Lavery, and Torr.
Totherham. – Wainwright, Pilgram, Beevers, Taylor, Wilkinson, Sherman, Haigh, Gray, Foster, Kettleborough, and Speight.