Denaby Utd – Denaby 3, Selby Town 1

4 November 1967

South Yorkshire Times November 4, 1967

Horbury Stood Between Denaby and a Big Score

Denaby United 3, Selby Town 1

A Gilt-Edged performance by goal keeper Horbury defied Denaby tufted from knocking up a large score aga inst Selby Town at Tickhill Square, A rally toward the end gave Denaby a 3-1 win.

Selby’s Horbury was inundated with shots, lobs, centres and melees in the goalmouth throughout the match. He saved almost everything and Denaby’s winning goals only came after Horbury was exhausted and suffering from an injured shoulder. His mastery in the air was the high-light of a interesting and fast game.

The football gave a fillip to Yorkshire League soccer and Denaby’s possession play earned them two points and the continuing right to be the only team in the First Division that has been unbeaten in Yorkshire League football this season.

Denaby’s forward line was always active with M. Smith playing a particularly effective midfield role and Launders making full use of the space given to him on the left-flank. Most of the attacks came from this wing for Rossindale mastered the left-back position well to thwart Cooper’s frequent efforts.

By comparison the Denaby defence had a cool time of it but there was no scope for complacency in the first half, Shepherd looked a danger in his few flourishes but was never really troublesome.

Home supporters were stunned when Selby took an early lead through SHEPHERD following sustained pressure but LAUNDERS had equalised by half-time

The goal famine was broken at three-quarter the when B. PARKER put Denby front and this was followed the minutes from time by a goal by McINTYRE.

Teams and ratings:—

Denaby: G. Smith 7; Wiggles 6, Caunt 7; Wood 7, ,C. Parker 6 Ainsworth 7; Cooper 6, McIntyre 7, B. Parker 6, M. Smith 8, Launders 8.

Selby: Horbury 9; Greaves 5, Rossindale 7; Waldock: 6, Gibson, 7, Gunby 6; Dean (sub Cain 6), Shepherd 8, Barker 6, Walker 7, Turner 6.

Referee: Mr.T B. Rodgers (Doncaster).