Denaby Utd – Denaby 4 Bradford City Res 2 – Mastery of Bradford

February 1937

Mexborough and Swinton Times February 5, 1937

City Subdued
Denaby’s Mastery of Bradford
Two for Betts

Denaby United 4 Bradford City Reserves 2

it would hardly be true to say that Denaby walked away with the speedy game at Tickhill Square on Saturday – because Bradford City often got in a great deal of dangerous work – but it is true to say that they mastered their opponents with quite an unaccustomed sparkle.

Interesting thought about the afternoon was that Denaby took at least 10 minutes longer than Bradford to master the snowy ground, but once that was over they set up an aggression which lasted for the rest of the 90 minutes. It was not an exhilarating game. It might have been but for so many hold-ups, but in spite of the treacherous surface it was certainly one of the best games I’ve seen at Denaby this season – and I’ve missed only one. There was always plenty of zip about it, and during the first 10 makes up the City’s open play give the Denaby defence a lot of trouble. It was a marvel that Denaby actually opened the scoring, in view of the way the game was trending.


In absence

the City were, if anything, making more headway until a move in the Denaby left-wing swung away from the centre which Fleetwood headed in the City goal.

Then Fleetwood was injured. That was in approximately the 19th minute. While he was still on the touchline the City swung downfield and Deakin scored, following a right-wing centre.

Fleetwood resume but within a few minutes had to be carried off again. Deakin put the City ahead probably 60 seconds later.

The equalising goal which came in the fortieth minute was a curious affair. Crooks forced a corner on the left and it appeared to be deflected into the net by Scott’s head.

Betts scored Denaby’s third and fourth goal – the latter with little time to go.