Denaby Utd – Denaby 4 Doncaster Rovers 2 – “Butterscotch” Palace hopes Snuffed Out

October 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times October 14, 1905

English Cup
Qualifying Competition
First Round
Denaby Defeat Doncaster

Denaby United 4 Doncaster Rovers 2

Denaby made their first appearance in the English Cup competition on Saturday, when they entertain Doncaster Rovers, and snuffed out the hopes of “Butterscotch” Town, of appearing at the Crystal Palace this season.

The homesters early on commenced to show their supporters that they intended to advance a stage in the competition, and before the first half was over at the full measure of their opponents, who must thank Harling in some degree that more goals were not registered against them.

The game was exciting right through, with the exception of a few minutes when the Rovers appear to lack, and the game suffered consequently. 10 minutes from the end Denaby were leading, thanks to Lawlor converting a penalty, by 4-0, and yet the game ended 4-2, the latter score by no means been an index of the game; the former is by far the more accurate. Five minutes from the end the Doncaster front string ran down, and Fox, I think, was in possession when Welsh bowled him over quite unnecessarily, as a goal was by no means in danger. In another two minutes another penalty was scored from. If this had occurred early in the game no one can prophesy what the result would have been. As it was Denaby have gone into the next round by sheer merit.

In all respects Denaby were superior to their visitors. The front men worked splendidly, though I’ve seen them perform better this season will stop each of the inside men claimed a goal; Lindley’s was slightly better than Heppinstall’s. The arts all play well, the outside men especially will stop a word of praise is due to Arnold; he was a terror to the Doncaster right wing, and is feeding off his wing was first rate. The backs will look to their usual form. Hancock and not so much to do as Harling and in the Doncaster goal. Of the Doncaster backs, Moralee was perhaps the best of a medium pair.

There was a good crowd, including a good many supporters of the red and white, when the teams arrived on the field. The ground by the way as been enlarged, and in a week or two a new stand will be erected on the opposite side to the old one.

Lawley won the toss, and chose to play with a win and some behind him. Nimrod initiated a move down. Tomkins and Linley got in close proximity to Harling, but Birch got the ball away. Fox and Goodson transfer the play to the other end, but Nimrod broke up their attack. Goodson looked dangerous but Welch cleared.

A smart move down the left by Tomkins led to Doherty taking the centre, and by a mistake on the part of Birch, opened the score, beating Harling six minutes from the start.

The Rovers had a look in, but hesitation on the part of Goodson lost them an opportunity. The home defence was too good for them. By a combine movement, in which Hawkins was prominent, Heppinstall forced a corner. From the kick the Rovers goal and a narrow escape. Heppinstall a moment later shot right into Harling’s hands. Keeping up the attack, Linley and hard lines, the shop going over. Offside in front of goal gave Doncaster relieve, and they force their way to the other end, but not for long.

Laverly took the ball down only to be bowled over in a good position in front of goal. The Denaby quintet were at this time playing a fine combined game, there being a perfect understanding between them. Harling was having much more work to do than Hancock, Birch failing several times to stop Lindley and Tomkins. Fox and Goodson gave Doncaster a look in, the former forcing an abortive corner.

Denaby work their way towards the other end, Linley forcing another corner. A minute later, Linley sent in another beauty, which Harling partially cleared. Laverly met it on the rebound, and banged it into the corner of the net.

The homesters nearly increased the score from the kick-off, Tomkins shooting just over. Denaby now had the measure of their opponents, and gave the Rovers defence a warm time. Nimrod, who was playing a sterling game, gave Harling the teaser from long range. The Rovers lagged a bit and the game became a bit slow. Nothing more of note occurred to the interval when Denaby led by two clear goals.

Resuming, Denaby took up the attack, Doherty shooting over, and just after shot across the goalmouth, Linley following suit. Heppinstall, with a fine run down, centred it, but no one was up to take advantage of it. The Rovers walk up, but were indecisive in front of goal, all the forwards having chances, but not turning them to advantage. Goodson had a good opportunity, but shot slightly wide.

Some good play, in which all the Denaby front rank participated, resulting in Laverly shooting, Harling smartly clearing. For a few minutes Rovers goal was fairly bombarded. Fox brought the ball down to the Denaby end, but “offside” spoilt it for him.

The game was quickly transferred, and Harling’s charge underwent a wonderful escape from a centre by Heppinstall, Tomkins online, being beaten by the goal will stop some give and take play resulted in Hancock being too smart shops from Sims and Goodson to deal with.

At the other end Tomkins finished up some good work by Doherty and Laverly with a third goal. Doncaster as a share of attacking, but could not pension the defence of Welsh and Lawley. Linley relieve the pressure with a fine run along the line. Laverly failed to turn his centre to account. On the other wing Laverly and and Heppinstall forced an abortive corner.

Laverly shot wide with a lightning shot that Harling would not seen if it had got between the pulse. Denaby were now playing much the better game, their combination, especially the left-wing, been brilliant, Arnold feeding judiciously.

Continually pressing, Laverly was in a certain position to score when Morallee knocked him over from a dozen yards in front of goal. Lawley took the resultant penalty and nearly damaged Harling with the force he put behind his kick. With about five minutes to go Denaby slackened, and Fox transferring the play, brought over in the danger area. Roberts took the penalty and scored. From the kick-off Doncaster got down again, and another penalty was given Bridden being the victim. Time came immediately after.