Denaby Utd – Denaby 4 Ecclesfield 0

January 1899

Sheffield Independent – Monday 16 January 1899

Denaby United 4 Ecclesfield 0

Played at Denaby in bright weather, before a moderate gate.

Denaby won the toss and kicked down- hill with the wind.

Denaby at the commencement became aggressive and Hardy scored in fine form. Soon afterwards Heathcote put the leather through.

The game was fast and exciting, but somewhat rough. Roper made some fine runs, but did not succeed in scoring. In a scrimmage which enused Cartwright shot into the net Jones having no chance whatever.

Soon after this Roillinson was injured, and did not appear in the rest of the match. Ecclesfield playing from this point with only ten men. For the next quarter of an hour all the play was in the Denaby goal and Hilton was soon called upon to save.

One of the United players sent in a long shot, which Jones very deliberately headed up the field. At half- time the score was United, 3 goals; Ecclesfield 0.

Resuming, Denabv at once pressed, and Burkett had to kick away. A throw-in followed, but Roper was declared off-side. Hilton saved repeatedly. Cartwright became dangerous, but Jones removed. Roper tried to score, but the ball cannoned off one of the players. This

Soon afterwards, Hardy was declared offside. From the kick-off the ball found its way to Hilton’s charge. Sturge next shot, but it was of no avail.

Heathcote ran up again and put the globe successfully into the net, scoring the fourth time. Whitchouse broke away, but nothing resulted, as he was promptly checked by the Ecclesfield backs.

Both teams were lacking in judgment in front of the goal. When the whistle blew the game stood:

Denaby United  4 goals

Ecclesfield  0 goals.