Denaby Utd – Denaby 4 Frickley 0 – Denaby Sign Cliff Martin

May 1956

South Yorkshire Times May 12, 1956

Denaby Have Signed Cliff Martin

Hail Cliff Martin, new Denaby United signing, a hero of their convincing 4-0 victory over old rivals, Frickley colliery, in the last Midland league game of the season in Tickhill Square, Denaby, on Friday.

He was on top form and his wonderful display helped United to avenge their 1-0 beating at Frickley in early game earlier in the season.

Martin was only just in time for the game. He had to dash from his work in, and arrived at the ground only minutes before the kick-off.

He showed some deft touches, both with his head and feet and Denaby must congratulate themselves on having such a bright prospect for the coming season.

It was one of those games in which Denaby could do little wrong against the Frickley side which lacked pep and fire. Indeed, the visitors were lethargic. If only United had been as sure in front of goal as they had been in their approach, and it may easily have been a cricket score.

Neither side showed much class in the opening period, but soon Denaby settled down and the chances came fast and furious.

The 600 spectators had plenty to shout about the 30th minute when Denaby deservedly took the lead. Left full-back Cooper put through a long ball to Bill Morgan in the centre of the field. He flicked it to Martin, who tapped the ball to right winger, Ron Duggan, who made no mistake with a first-time shot on the run.

Frickley showed little enthusiasm and it was no surprise that Denaby increased their lead in the 40th minute. Right back Hague collected the ball just inside the Frickley half. He smashed the ball across the field, and Martin who was racing into position headed the ball home. It flashed past Frickley’s keeper David Speight like a bullet.

So much for the first all. In the second period Denaby dominated once again, and it was only bad shooting that prevented them increasing their lead. However, the 75th minute along upfield, clear and found ever dangerous Martin, who flick headed the ball to Poulson. He neatly lobbed it over the head of the advancing keeper.

Goal number four. In the 80th minute, give the crowd something to chuckle about. Once again man of the match Martin had a big say in it. He weaved the ball through a crowd of players before passing to the unmarked Poulson.

Poulson had all the time in the world to score. He aimed for the right-hand corner of the net, but miskicked, and the ball trickled past the left upright. Speight was sprawled in the dust obviously anticipating the ball entering the other side of the goal Poulson looked the most astonished person on the field.

It was not a great game, but it was always interesting. After a somewhat drab first half, the match suddenly came alive and the crowd were certainly given their money’s worth.

Denaby can look forward to a good season if they can continue to field forwards who are as goal hungry as Poulson, Martin and Duggan, who had a satisfying game in the right wing position.

What of Frickley? They were very poor. Exempted from the criticism in keeper David Speight, who worked like a Trojan and made some spectacular and daring says stop season they will have to do much better than this… Or else!