Denaby Utd – Denaby 4 Grimsby 0 – Denaby Thrash Grimsby.

2 March 1908

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 02 March 1908

Denaby Thrash Grimsby.

Despite the treacherous state of the turf, greatly affected by the rapid thaw of snow, a fast and interesting game was seen at Denaby, where Grimsby caught the home men on top of their form.

The first 30 minutes, up to Denaby’s opening goal, was crammed with exciting incidents, and if the many corners forced by the “Villagers” had previously failed to produce a point, Grimsby were smart enough to challenge comparison, and to raise expectations of problematical result. But the opening goal changed the whole course of events. Its booking sounded Grimsby’s death-knell for the championship, and encouraged Denaby to press forward in the wonderfully sustained effort they are making for the honours.

To put bluntly, Grimsby in the second half “curled up” hopelessly an the face of the irresistible football played by Denaby.

The final figures, four to none, in no wise exaggerated Denaby’s supremacy. Pynegar, their new centre-forward, did not turn out, and Moseley, tho young reserve, who came in, after proving a “frost” in the first half, played on to really good purpose.

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 02 March 1908

Denaby United 4 Grimsby Town Reserve 0

At Denaby.

The United were the better team.

Kelly scored just before the interval, and subsequently Moseley. Ball, and Blackburn beat the Town goalkeeper.

Result: —Denaby United, 4 goals; Grimsby Town Reserve, 0 goal.