Denaby Utd – Denaby 4 Grimsby 1 – Matt Taylor’s Benefit – Rivals Unite to beat Grimsby

May 1935

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 3, 1935

Matt Taylor’s benefit
Rivals unite to beat Grimsby

Denaby United 4, Grimsby 1

Matt Taylor who has given 11 years’ service as a player for Denaby United and who was recently appointed the club secretary manager, took a second benefit on Monday, when Grimsby town provided the opposition.

Grimsby Town sent a side at their own expense, the team consisted of six regular Midland league players and five juniors on trial. Denaby had the assistance of Tremain, Happs, Roberts, Parry and Lawson all of Mexborough athletic, while Kershaw, of Dragon Athletic, led the attack the rest were Denaby players, and this was the best team to web Denaby colours this season. The display of both teams was far superior to that given by either Denaby or Scarborough on Saturday. It was a game which never lacked interest. Tremain gave a wonderful display, and but for him Denaby would have been the losers. Taylor and hearts were sound backs, while Roberts, Clark and Parry formed a good halfback line, though at times Robert faulted.

Lawson, Lowe, Kershaw, McPhail and Cross, play well together. Lowe parted with the ball more readily than usual and proved himself a capable partner in Lawson. Kershaw was a good leader and was a source of trouble to Grimsby’s defence. McPhail was a fine schemer and though he did not score he made openings for the overs. Cross had more to do then he has ever had, being fed with good passes by McPhail and Parry. Read in the Grimsby goal was never happy nor were Jones and Simpson Tyler who is not yet 17, played the third back game too much, but showed the making of a good halfback, while Wattam played his usual steady game at left half. Harry Siddall, former Denaby winger, and Trench could do little against Parry, while Clarke kept a tight hold on pointing. The area and Jennings formed a useful left wing.

After even exchanges Denaby gained the lead after 35 minutes. Cross sent over a centre which Lawson hooked over the head of Read into the net soon after McPhail made an opening for Kershaw to score, midway through the second half Ponting reduced the lead following a mistake by the Denaby defence. In the next minute McPhail pass forward to Kershaw who passed to Cross who beat Reid with a fast rising shot in the closing stages Lowe ran through a crowd of players to score the fourth goal.

Mr. T. Swinborne was in charge of the game. After the game the players were entertained to tea.