Denaby Utd – Denaby 4 Maltby 1 – Killourhy’s Match

September 1946

South Yorkshire Times September 28, 1946

Killourhy’s Match
Denaby Take Maltby in Their Stride

Denaby United 4   Maltby Main 1

Straight from the kick-off Denaby United carried the fight to the Maltby goalmouth at Tickhill Square on Saturday and were worthy 4-1 winners

The first to try Maltby goalkeeper, Woolley, was Williams, at left half, with two long shots. Maltby replied through Murray with two ineffective longshots but a close range tackle by Miller ship put a stop to Murray.

After 18 minutes Carver put Denaby ahead in a movement in which all the Denaby forwards took part, and immediately after the restart Killourhy increased the lead when he converted a fine pass from Robinson.

During one of the Maltby teams few attacks – which were never really dangerous – Thorpe, taking a penalty shot, scored from the rebound after Urien had pushed the ball out, but racing through after taking a pass from Killourhy.

Carver beat the Maltby tax to put Denaby further ahead, and the fourth came shortly before half-time when, during a Denaby attack, Killourhy, undoubtedly the best forward on the field, scored.

In the second half Maltby started with a rush, which like their others, soon faded, and they were no match for the Denaby forwards, who had a complete grip on the game. In Denaby’s continued attack Williams was again prominent, putting in a close shot well saved by goalkeeper Woolley, who on two previous occasions had kept the score down by two fine saves. Maltby halfbacks had little opportunity to get their forwards going, especially in the first half, when much of their time was spent in trying to check a forward line in which the wingers were always dangerous and the inside forwards always ready to help.

Attendance was 1889.