Denaby Utd – Denaby 4 Mexborough 2 – United get Four Goals Again

March 1925

Mexborough and Swinton Times March 14, 1925

United get Four Goals Again

Denaby Utd 4 Mexborough 2

Denaby and Mexborough renewed their friendly rivalry at Denaby on Saturday. Each of the previous games between the clubs this season having been drawn. This was Mexborough’s first game in the new subsidiary competition and Denaby’s second.

Denaby made several changes from the side that beat Wombwell; Hawkins, Redfern and Brown coming in for Lack, Ashmore and Rhodes.

The attendance was not so big as at the last meeting of these teams at Denaby, probably because of the cup tie at Bramall Lane. The Conisborough Subscription Band played before the start and at the interval. The ground looked better than it has done for weeks, thanks to good rolling. But there was still a bad patch on the far side from the stand. Mexborough played in their “unlucky shirts” – reds.

A fresh breeze made the winning of the toss of some importance, and Denaby had their first piece of luck when Walter Bradshaw won the toss. The second occurred when Matt Taylor took a free kick not far off the half way line, and getting a lot of power behind his kick shot straight a goal. The ball swerved a lot and Allen let it go past him. Thus Denaby were a goal up after 7 minutes.

Play was fast and even, but the lively ball bothered the players a lot, especially Mexborough who never settled down in this half.

After the scoring of Matt Taylor’s surprise goal Denaby gradually got on top, they were much quicker on the ball, much better in combination, and much cooler in their work. The two reserve backs of Mexborough were plainly suffering from nerves and they made many mistakes. Their example seemed to affect the rest of the side, for not one mad produced his usual form.

The forwards gradually went out of the picture, all they appeared to be capable of being disjointed raids here and there, which Taylor and Lack, with the halves stopped pretty easily.

Bromwich did not make a save during the half. Noticeably good form shown by Brown, the young left half of Denaby.

Denaby got their second goal after 27 minutes play, and again there was a spice of luck about it. Cooper, receiving from Pearson, ran through and put the ball across into goal. Allen got it in his hands, but dropped it, and Pearson promptly pushed it into the net. Alan nearly gave them another a minute later when Brayshaw pushed the ball in from Kilner’s corner kick. The Mexborough defence was very rocky.

Mexborough had another escape when, following a corner kick by Cooper, Brown let drive a strong shot, and Hill got between the ball and the goal, diverting the ball just past the post, with Allen beaten.

But another goal came in five minutes. From another corner kick by Cooper, Brayshaw headed into Allen’s hands, Bussey headed it back into the middle, and Pearson smartly flicked it into the net with his head.

Mexborough tried hard to turn the tide, but their efforts well-intentioned as they were, lack of judgement and combination. Their very eagerness proved their undoing. Denaby on the other and, played steadily, and with much more harmony.

The cry from the stands of “fetch thee cooat Cammack,” somewhere about the 40th minute of the game, was justified. The Mexborough right-wing been simply wasted throughout this half, and the left was naturally too well marked as a result. It is easy for a defence put a stop to attacks when they know they are to be expected exactly in one direction all the time.

Mexborough’s only real chance of the half came when Hill got the ball from the left, and was unmarked close in front of the Denaby goal. The whistle blew for half-time as he was about to shoot. So Denaby led by three goals at the interval and looked comfortable winners.

In the second half Mexborough improved vastly in a decidedly more of the play in the 45 minutes. Still there were nothing like the side they were a few weeks ago, and the Denaby halves and backs, on the whole had their measure.

After 12 minutes Mexborough got some encouragement. Hill made a good opening for Godfrey who ran on, dribbled over to the life and scored with a brilliant shot. This was the best goal of the match, and some recompense for Godfrey’s previous failures.

Denaby gave away a succession of corners and exciting incidents were numerous, but still Mexborough were ineffective in front of goal.

Their last hope was dashed after 37 minutes of the half had gone. After a long Mexborough assault the ball was put out towards the middle of the field and Walter Brayshaw dribbled onto the wing and pushed the ball forward to Kilner, giving him a fine opening. Kilner dashed on, the defence let him pass, and taking the ball close in, he scored easily.

Just a minute later a smart bout of passing between Beresford, Godfrey and Hill ended in Hill scoring. This was the last goal of the game remainder of the play was an interesting, because the ball was oftener out of play than in.

Team: Bromage; Hawkins, Taylor; Windle, Redfern, Brown; Kilner, Bussey, Brayshaw, Pearson, Cooper