Denaby Utd – Denaby 4 Scarborough 1 – Long Kicking on Treacherous Ground

April 1937

Star Green ‘un, April 17, 1937

Denaby United 4 Scarborough 1

In Denaby’s first real attack Willesden was fortunate to block a shot from Smith. Bellamy later put wide.

Fleetwood forced Willesden to dive full length, and the goalkeeper just managed to put the ball round the post.

The ground was exceedingly treacherous, and the football was, of necessity of the long kicking variety.

Smith place wide, and at the other end Kitson headed just over the bar.

After 30 minutes however, Denaby equalised in glorious fashion, Betts centred for Smith to smash the ball into the net from close range. Fleetwood also went close.

Denaby were now doing more depressing, but Walker tried a shop four Scarborough.

After 38 minutes Smith added a second, the ball being diverted Internet by a defender.

Half-time: Denaby United 2 Scarborough 1

Denaby continued to be more aggressive, and Fleetwood was soon dangerous.

Thompson cleared from Betts, and Denaby afterwards forced a corner.

After 50 minutes, however, Grange scored Denaby’s third goal, the ball striking the post before going into the net.

Kitson led a Scarborough advance, but the danger was soon cleared.

Smith added Denaby’s fourth from a freekick.