Denaby Utd – Sheffield Challenge Cup final – Hail Denaby ! (poem)

March 1906

Mexborough and Swinton Times March 24, 1906

Denaby United v Sheffield Wednesday Reserve
Sheffield Challenge Cup final

Hail ! Denaby!

Hail! Denaby United, the team of standing worth
A credit to the place that gives their name,
To the sires who begot them and the dames that gave them birth,
And a credit to the good old winter game,
Hail ! Denaby, the victors of a stern and stubborn fight,
which a craven team had surely given up,
Hail! Denaby, the wearers of the laurels fresh and bright
As winners of the Sheffield Challenge Cup

last season Sheffield Wednesday, by a fluke just “did them down,”
In the Wharncliffe competition by a hair;
But now they’ve won a trophy of more eminent renown,
And the Wharncliffe Cup may go for Wednesday’s share,
What’s more ‘twas Wednesday whom on Saturday they beat,
In the gallant final struggle for the prize,
A fact which, on the ground that to us all revenge is sweet,
Makes the triumph even greater to our eyes.

It is something to be proud of that which Denaby have done,
For they’ve had – we must admit it – to contend
Against some tiptop talent, but the every time of one,
To the very final struggle at the end,
The merry men of Mexborough, then the pets of Bramall Lane,
In turn succumbed to Denaby’s assault
And the fight of Sheffield Wednesday was against them born in vain,
Their victory wasn’t fickle fortunes fault.

They have fairly earned their triumph, and the rivals they have slain,
In honesty are driven to confess,
Though they envy them the honour, that it comes without a stain,
For they fully were entitled to success
They have won a trophy, the famous silver pot,
And when they asked their faithful friends to sup,
I know a poet person, with a colleague “On the Spot,”
who will pledge them from the Sheffield Challenge Cup


G.R.Tennyson Sims