Denaby Utd – Denaby 4 Wombwell 1 – Another hat-trick for Brayshaw

March 1925

Mexborough and Swinton Times March 7, 1925

Shaw Sent Off
Wombwell’s Misfortunes at Denaby
Another hat-trick for Brayshaw

Denaby United 4 Wombwell 1

Denaby United and Wombwell opened the new subsidiary competition of the Midland League at Denaby on Saturday. The attendance for such a game was poor. The game was full of incident, exciting and unfortunate. Wombwell after having all the best of it in the first of, were overwhelmed in the second. But a disputed goal, and the ordering off of Dick Shaw, were turning points in the game, and Wombwell deserves some sympathy, Denaby never properly settled down in the first, Wombwell were the clever side in attack and defence. Had Wombwell taken a fair proportion of their chances in this half they must held a good lead at the interval, and have faced the second half pretty confidently. As it was, they did not get a goal until almost the last kick of the half, Dick Shaw rushed in the ball after Broskom passed it across.

Immediately on the restart a great change came over the play. Denaby started off with a fierce rush that promise trouble for Wombwell, and Frith at his work cut out. Once he swung round the ball in his hands, and appeared Kelly the line, but the appeals for a goal were not listened to. But within a few minutes, the lead had been transferred from Wombwell to Denaby.

Brayshaw got the first goal with a clever header from Cooper’s centre, and a couple of minutes later Windle dribbled through and shot from well out, the ball striking the underside of the bar, bouncing down and then coming out. The referee awarded a goal, in spite of the protests of the Wombwell players, ruling that the ball had gone over the line when it rebounded down off the woodwork.

Referee Calow, of Chesterfield, had already annoyed the Wombwell supporters by some of his offside decisions in the first half. The awarding of this goal of Windle’s early in the second half, drove the last nail in the Coffin of Mr Calow, in the Wombwell people’s opinion, and engendered the feeling in their minds that they were the butt of an evil fate.

Only a minute or two after the goal Dick Shaw tackled Kilner rather roughly, and was promptly sent off the field. This “capped it,” in the vernacular and Wombwell’s misery was complete.

After that there was, is as they had been in the first, “only one team really in it”; but that team was now Denaby. Brayshaw finished off a good movement on the right, and went through to score the third goal. Though he was clear through, he fired the ball straight at Frith, but the latter could not gather it, such was the force at which it came, and Walter went on to get it past him at the second attempt.

A little later Brayshaw seized an opening presented to him by the Wombwell defenders, and went straight through to score the fourth and his own third.

Team: Bromage; Lack, Taylor; Windle, Ashmore, Rhodes; Kilner, Bussey, Brayshaw, Pearson, Cooper