Denaby Utd – Denaby 5, Bridlington 3 – United Batter League Leaders

27 April 1968

South Yorkshire Times April 27, 1968

United Batter League Leaders

Denaby United 5, Bridlington Trinity 3

Nine kicked, pulled and battered Denaby redshirts limped off the Tickhill Square turf on Saturday after having given Bridlington Trinity a drubbing.

Denaby are no “cissies”—but the seasiders’ tactics in the face of an inspired home side made them look like choirboys. Denaby are unlikely to have knocked Trinity off the top Yorkshire League spot, because the leaders have only lowly teams left to meet. But their performance, especially that of hat-trick Whittaker, should give Saturday’s improved support good reason to come back for more.

Thunderbolt Shot

A WHITTAKER thunderbolt was Denaby’s first score. Trinity made a scrappy start fighting’ hard to regain their composure, but clever Denaby forward work plagued them. Denaby ‘keeper, Smith, showed the strength of their defence when he made a brave snatch off the toes of striker Coupe.

But COUPE made no mistake with a penalty of mysterious origin. A minute later AINSCOUGH snatched the lead back for Denaby.

Almost from the second half kick off, a long range WHITTAKER effort put Denaby further ahead, and when Brian PARKER shot another they looked invincible.

Trinity showed a glimmer of the sparkle that took them to the top with a score from a SCALLY long shot, but WHITTAKER hit a superb free-kick home to maintain the lead

The best Bridlington move of the match followed, when McMIMM hit a header with the precision of a Dennis Compton late cut, but it was impossible to feel Denaby’s supremacy threatened. Wiggles had been carried off in the early stages of the half and when centre-half Parker had to be dashed to hospital after he was crashed into a concrete fence post behind Denaiby’s goal the visitors might have been expected to make capital from the home team’s lack of a substitute. But they had no chance.

Teams: —

DENABY: Smith, Wiggles, Caunt, Pettit, C. Parker, Ainscough, Whittaker, B. Parker, McIntyre, Wood

Bridlington: Fuller, Mcnnm, Whitely, Boyes, Reed, Holmes, Scally, Moore, Coupe, Birdon, Whittaker, sub. Gillybons.

Referee; Mr. L. Hayes (Doncaster)