Denaby Utd – Denaby 5  Doncaster Rovers 2 – Return to Victory

22 February 1908

Mexborough and Swinton Times February 22, 1908

On The Trail
Denaby United Return to Victory

Denaby United  5  Doncaster Rovers 2

Having completed their last serious away engagement of the season, the Denaby United team entered on Saturday upon a series of home matches, commencing with Doncaster Rovers, with something like a pleasurable feeling of security. The Rovers though, as keen on the result as they were in the palmy Midland league championship days, have ceased to be formidable opponents, and although the spirit is decidedly willing the flesh is lamentably weak.

Denaby United met them on Saturday flushed with unheard of triumphs, and very little doubt as to the result was entertained. As the time of the kick-off approached, the weather brightened up perceptibly, and the crowd rolled up accordingly. Both teams were at full strength and in capital trim, according to their respective lights. Some interest was infused into the fixture by the trial of newcomer, and amateur name Linacre, at centre forward for Denaby, this making the sixth man Denaby have tried in this position. The teams were as follows:

Denaby: Hancock; Marshall, Ramsden; Nimrod, Kelly, Hofton; Blackburn, Dyal, Linacre, Speight, Ball

Doncaster: Lindley; Lowe and Wilson; Pinder, Brailsford, Dobson; Murphy Charles Priestley Bramall, Sheppard.

The crowd soon got thrills for their money, straight from the kick-off Bramall, the Rovers “star” man, got away sent the ball across for Murphy to bang it all, and all inside a minute.

After the first shock of surprise, Denaby went at it with rare vigour, though to very little purpose at present. The Rovers were not finished yet, and Murphy on the right, was conspicuous with some likely looking centres. Brailsford was also lingering about was intent, and at the outset Marshall and Ramsden had their hands full. However the Denaby wingers got going at last, and Ball opened the scoring as a result of artistic work by Dyal. The Rovers returned skill for skill, and were at the other end a moment, though this time Hancock was ready for them.

Denaby came again, the right wing was full of dangers; Blackburn sending in a red-hot drive, which placed Lindley in an awkward fix, ago suffering a hairsbreadth escape. But not for long. That right wing was dead on the mark, and Dyal sent in a shot something like the one which had sorely vexed Lindley a moment ago, which this time proved too much for him.

By now the Rovers were in for a big handful of trouble, and Linacre, who proceeded to make his initial mark by dodging Lowe cleverly, and blinding Lindley with the more scientific style. With two goals up, Denaby were going great guns and as half-time approached gradually took charge of the game. But on the verge of the interval the Rovers put in a lot of work, and Priestley and Murphy made Hancock uncomfortable.

The second half also open with the Rovers attacking, but with the home’s back safe. Hofton set the green ones going, but Ball just failed to hang himself onto a sweet forward pass. The half was not 10 minutes old when the old weakness of the Denaby defence revealed itself, and Ramsden was fooled by Charles, who slip by and put past Hancock. And a moment later the same incident was actually repeated by the same players, though fortunately Hancock this time saved.

Lindley was engaged at the other end deal with an awkward rush, eight fierce Denabyites up joining in a steady onslaught. Lindley was almost equal to the occasion, and quick as lightning dealt with a fuselage from Nimrod, Spey, Kelly and Ball, and the goal was in real very real peril when a penalty kick accrued to Denaby, which however, was saved smartly by Lindley, although Kelly, the second best shot in the team took the kick.

The same play was very near a moment later, and Hofton hit the spot exactly with a beautiful shot which had the dauntless Lindley beaten all the way.

Denaby ran out, and won well but they proceeded to rule the roost for the rest of the time, at the last kick Dyal put on the fifth goal and completed the Rovers confusion.