Denaby Utd – Denaby 5 Doncaster United 1 – Four Goals In Cup-Tie Extra Time

11 November 1967

South Yorkshire Times November 11, 1967

Denaby Net Four In Cup-Tie Extra Time

Denaby United 5, Doncaster United. 1

Drawing 1-1 after 90 minutes’ play, Denaby showed their mettle in extra time by scoring four goals in 19 minutes to sink the hopes of Doncaster United in the Yorkshire League Cup ( Round 1).

A sprinkling of supporters, however, should never have been subjected to the extra time on a cold, bleak day, but as it turned out it proved to be the most exciting time of the match from Denaby’s point of view.

Doncaster United’s attack was meagre to say the least and for large periods of the game they were forced to defend desperately and were harassed into numerous mistakes which should have been cashed in by the Denaby forwards. Only Launders looked dangerous.

Chapman in form

Alas, Denaby took only one of their chances and should have scored from a dozen, an overworked Chapman receiving well-earned applause from friend and foe alike for thwarting Denaby’s efforts with some marvellous saves.

Mick SMITH culminated 32 minutes of sustained pressure by putting Denaby in the lead and Doncaster’s authority up front only came towards the end of the first-half, when Gordon Smith saved two good efforts from Shepherd and Bell.

In the second-half with Wiggles and Pettit providing more sting in attack than Denaby’s five forwards. The pattern was much the same—Denaby plugging away with no success in the last vital 10 yards. Then out of the blue, Bullers shot and Smith hesitated, failed to hold the high ball and Doncaster were level.

So it remained for all the second-half, Denaby’s fire wearing away and supporters miserably cold. Extra time was not relished by anyone but goals by Wood (91st minute), Launders (95), B. Parker (101) and Harvey own goal (110). warmed one’s faith in Denaby.

Only casualty of the match was referee. B. Rodgers (Doncaster), who pulled a muscle mid-way through the first-half, after a collision with a player and he was forced to leave the field.

One of the linesmen, Mr. Alan Grindle, of Doncaster, deputised.

Teams and ratings:

Denaby: G. Smith 6, Wiggles 8, Ainscough 6, Pettit 7, C. Parker 6, Wood 7, Cooper 5, M. Smith 7, B. Parker 5, Maclntyre 6, Launders 7.

Doncaster United: Chapman 9, Herrett 5, Trotter 6, Harvey 6, Picknett 6, Webster 5, Knaggs 7, Shepherd 5, Hullers 6, Bell 7, McGhee 5.