Denaby Utd – Denaby 5 Stockport County 0 – Youth with the Quiff scores first in Rout

February 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times February 18, 1905

Denaby United 5 Stockport County 0

At Denaby on Saturday before a fair gate.
The homesters won the toss and chose the top end goal, with the advantage of the wind.

A minute from the kick-off Denaby rushed down, but owing to a misunderstanding amongst insight forwards, a good opportunity was missed. The visitors were smart on the role, and Hollingworth put in a five centre from the right, which Pass almost headed through.

Getting up again, Torr frustrated their efforts by a huge kick. A few seconds later Lawley distinguished himself. Laverly initiated a nice run down, but Nimrod centred badly, Fletcher relieving.
From an onslaught on the home Citadel Hall got possession, and running down, centred finely. Making an individual run, Hall placed in nicely, but overly shot wide. Lindley put in a beautiful shop almost from the centreline, which struck the crossbar, and rebounded to Nimrod, the youth with the quiff notching the first point after 20 minutes play.

This success made play a little rough, and after run to the visitors goal the home end was reached, Hancock fisting out two easy shots in quick succession. After another feeble attempt on the visitors part, the home quintet got going and Hall place high over the bar. Laverly made a splendid run, beating both backs and were just going to shoot when Fletcher interposed his leg and Laverly hit the turf. For this playful little act on Fletcher’s part the homesters were awarded a penalty. Lawley took the kick, and made no mistake.

The visitors got up and obtained a corner, which was clear, Lindley striking the visitors rigging with a swift one. At the other end. Getting down once more Laverly put in a nice one, which all just managed to scrape out. Nimrod and Laverly got going again, Nimrod putting in. Hall threw away, and Laverly returned, beating the custodian completely. Both ends were now visited in turn, the interval arriving with the score:

Denaby United 3 Stockport County o

At the re-commencement of play it was noticed that Nimrod had changed positions with Sheldrake. The homesteaders pressed, Arnold putting in a lovely shot from the line, which Ball handled and kicked out. Midfield play ensued until Lovely obtained possession, trick several reports, and put in a high centre which fell on the top of the net. Later Chatfield place wide. A rush by the Stockport front rank was stopped by Torr.

Another visit to the home end, Arnold passed forward, the ball falling at the foot of Fletcher, who trapped the sphere. Laverly was immediately upon him, and although hotly pursued by Fletcher, tricked Ball, who came out to meet him and easily put up number four for which feat he was loudly applauded.

The youngsters now made frequent attack on the Stockport role, Sheldrake been pulled up twice for offside. Lawley stopped a rush on the part of the visitors, and a few minutes later Pass place wide. Lovely now spoilt an effort of the old front rank by getting offside

Place was suspended for a short time through Lindley twisting his leg at this point. Getting down, Perrins put in a swift shot, which Hancock saved at the expense of a corner, which was not improved upon.

Getting possession, Denaby got up and Hall, Lindley and Sheldrake put in. Lovely now made an attempt, and in trying to kick out Fletcher the right back place through their own goal.

Team: Hancock, goal; Torr and Lawley, backs; Sheldrake, Chatfield and Arnold, halfbacks; Lindley, Hall, Hosey, Laverley and Nimrod, forwards