Denaby Utd – Denaby 5  Wednesday Reserve  5 – Wired Football at Denaby.

3 February 1912

Mexborough and Swinton Times February 3, 1912

Wired Football at Denaby.

Denaby United  5  Wednesday Reserve  5

A storm of snow, a handful of spectators, and a deluge of goals were the leading characteristics of a remarkable game played at Denaby on the occasion of the visit of Sheffield Wednesday Reserve. The action of the referee in ordering the game to be played did the Denaby club a bad turn, for under normal circumstances and more pleasant auspices, Wednesday Reserve would undoubtedly have drawn a somewhat better “gate” than usual.

The players themselves wore to be commiserated with upon having to turn out upon what was little better than a “slush-heap” and the outlook at the start was so wild and cheerless that it was odds on the game being abandoned before the expiration of the full ninety minutes.

As it was Beech of the Wednesday forward sine, was shivering like an aspen leaf shortly after the interval and had to retire, the weather being too severe for him.

A Tale of Ten Goals.

He had previously secured three goals, but hearing that was not sufficient to keep him warm. But this instance apart, the other players exhibited remarkable stamina, and Denaby particularly—a staying power hither­to unsuspected by reason of their many second-half collapses.

The opening half was very evenly-contested, and was noticeable for stern spells of heavy pressure at each end. And these periods provided the respective goalkeepers with a lot of anxiety, because of the obvious disadvantages under which they laboured. Walden and Fitton were back in the attack to reveal a trustfulness which had a great deal to do with an effectiveness which came into its own after an uphill light characteristic of old-time Denaby football.

Walden led off with the opening goal, but Wednesday rapidly equalised through Beech, who soon put them ahead, and they went further ahead through a goal by Lloyd. Then Fitton got a fine goal for Denby, but Wednesday were shooting rather better at this period, and got two more through Beech and Dexter, Beech thus completing the “hat-trick.” Dexter’s point came from a long drive, which Marshall stopped only to let the ball roll through.

Brilliant Victory

Wednesday thus found themselves leading at half-time by five goals to two, and the game looked as good as theirs.

But the play of Denaby in the concluding ” 45″ was a revelation to the spectators in the grand stand, who soon forgot to shiver, and were aroused to enthusiasm by a brilliant series of attacks, which day Denaby maintained with few interludes right to the end of the game. Wednesday, as a matter of fast, did not have a decent look-in do this half, and first Fitton and then Waldon brought the side within a goal of their opponents. Denaby continued to play desperately and Mercer and Dodsley swung across some lovely square centres.

The end ‘was in sight when Dodsley, following some grand eaves by the Wednesday goalkeeper, crashed home the equaliser, and in the few minutes remaining for play, Denaby several times nearly snatched a wonderful victory.