Denaby Utd – Denaby 6  Allerton Bywater 1 – A Couple of “Hat Tricks.”

8 October 1910

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 08 October 1910

English Cup

Denaby Win Easy victory over Allerton

A Couple of “Hat Tricks.”

Denaby United 6  Allerton Bywater 1

No more than 400 people assembled on Thursday evening to watch the replay of the English cup tie between Denaby United and Allerton boy water colony at Denaby under lovely weather conditions.

On Allerton’s form on Saturday in the first match was drawn 1-1 a good game was promised. The teams turned out as follows:

Allerton: Hall; Smith and Houghton; Atkinson, Packer and Dooley; Heffron, F Newton, W Newton, a Matsey and A Simpson

Denaby: Sheppard; Swinbourne and Jackson; Jack Woodward, Dyer and Joseph Westwood, Hilton, Dyal, Jones, Fitton and Thackrah.

Allerton were the first to attack, but the movement was repulsed by Swinbourne, and then we set up a prolonged siege, worrying Smith and Houghton considerably. After 10 minutes play Dyal worked through for Jones to score the opening goal. A moment later whole happened to be in the way of a daisy cutter from Thackery, and the ball was cannoned away luckily, while Jones, with a pot shot was miles I.

A slight cessation of hostilities was caused by an injury to Hilton’s knee. This may have affected Hilton’s subsequent play, which was rather poor. A free kick on the touchline was placed beautifully by Jack Westwood and from it Fitton headed a fine goal.

Allerton broke away a long and W Newton was nearly through when he was dispossessed by Sheppard, already out of his goal, and follow this up with a smart clearance from a centre by Simpson.

But then be kept up a very strong pressure and Holland to deal with good shots by Thackery and Dyal; when a moment later Dyal beating to the world with a grand drop in shop which struck the bar and bounced clear of Jones. The football was calm and lifeless. A restful air seemed to hang over it.

A poor attempt at a clearance by Smith letting Jones, who failed miserably in front of an open goal. A fast movement in the Denaby middle saw Dyal shoot into the net as he was whistled off side, and from the free kick Hall at to put Dyal’s shot behind in a hurry.

Further success, however, was not long delayed and just on half time Fitton fastened onto the ball at 20 yards, and shot a grand goal.

Half-time: Denaby 3 Allerton 0

Allison created a surprise on restarting, getting goals through Massey, who drove the ball home, while Sheppard was lying helpless on the ground.

Denaby quickly retaliated, scoring through Fitton, who thus completed his individual “hat-trick.”

Denaby continued to be masters of the situation, but the home forwards, instead of shooting hard and often, went in for short passing and “gallery” tactics, which look pretty, but were ineffective at close quarters. On the other hand, Allerton no superfluity of skill to waste, and though the visitors were earnest enough they made poor use of the ball when in possession. Once or twice that chances, notably when Simpson was allowed to go on when yards offside. Sheppard however, cleared his party’s cleverly.

At the other end, more finessing by Denaby culminated in their fifth goal. Jones giving hold no chance with a fast rising shot. This accomplished, Jones quickly came along with another goal; he thus followed Fitton’s “hat-trick” example.

Allerton struggled on, but were palpably outclassed. Heffron once shooting weakly at Sheppard when well placed.