Denaby Utd – Denaby 6, Anfield Plain 3 – Scent of Wembley Inspired Denaby

15 November 1969

South Yorkshire Times, November 15, 1969

The F.A. Trophy

Scent of Wembley Inspired Denaby

Denaby Utd. 6, Anfield Plain 3

Wearside League club Annfield Plain, brought their own version of the Annfield roar to Denaby on Saturday, and it inspired 90 minutes of grey cup-tie football the like of which has not been seen at the Square for many a long year

It was stirring stuff, with both teams going all out for glory with the scent of Wembley in their nostrils. And until late in the second half, the result hung in the balance.

It was then that Denaby unseen hero, hard-working fullback Jimmy Wiggles tore the heart from the “Geordies” with two glorious goals in the space of ten minutes.

With the score at 2-2 and both teams attacking as though their lives depended on it, Wiggles fired in a 25 yard drive which bulged the corner of the net. But if that was a great shot, it was nothing to what happened later.

Again the lean full-back latched on to the ball in midfield, moved forward tentatively, and then suddenly let fly with the left foot from all of 30 yards. The ball rocketted into the top corner before Wiggles sunk beneath the enthusiastic congratulations of his team mates.

The crowd gave all the goals a rousing reception, .and there was plenty to shout about as neither team asked, nor gave quarter, and both trainers were on the pitch at regular intervals.

It was blood and. thunder football, and every player gave 90 minutes’ effort. But it was Denaby who emerged on top and on chances created they certainly deserved it.

When Sumpner put Denaby in front after five minutes it should have already been 1-1, and by the time Dobinson and Lumley gave the Wearsiders a 2-1 lead, the number of last-ditch tackles and near misses was unbelievable,


Roger Willey, in great form, set up the equaliser for England just before the break.

Denaby were on top and never stopped running in the second half, but Annfield didn’t give up and Lumley got their third inbetween the Wiggles’ goals,

The pace slackened before the end, inevitably, and in the last minute Denaby sent the crowd home on a happy note by notching the sixth with nonchalant ease. Willey and England almost tosses up for the shot when the ball came across, before Willey finally banged it home.

Nine goals and great entertainment, If this is what we can expect from the F.A. Trophy long may it continue


Denaby United: K Whitehead; Wiggles, Toyne; Pettit, Bennet, United; P. Whitehead., Sumpner, Willey, Morley, Sapey. England. Sub: Allen

Annfield Plain: Pollard; Patterson, McKinley; Scott, McArdle, Blackwood; Dobinson, Lumley, Lawson, D. Bell. E. Bell  Sub: Boyle

Referee: Mr. D. Richardson (Lincoln).