Denaby Utd – Denaby 6 Corby Town 3 – Excitement “De Luxe” – Penalty Hat Trick

April 1957

South Yorkshire Times April 6, 1957

Bobby Southall makes up for Miss with Penalty Hat-Trick
Excitement “De Luxe”

Denaby United 6 Corby Town 3

The Rip snorter was reserved for Monday evening. Every so often soccer pulls “one out of the bag” and for Tickill Square supporters this was it!

Denaby six goals against Corby (verdict was 6-3) sent up the hundred in the “for” column, but the match will be remembered for the astonishing run of penalties Corby conceded – and Southall’s (picture) penalty hat-trick.

It could have been one of the crispest, most exhilarating games we have began that way, with a blend of soccer craft as different from Saturday’s game as chalk from cheese. After nine minutes, outside right Green worked his way into the Denaby goalmouth and an Adam shot which never left the ground and had Williamson struggling in vain to stop it.

After 12 minutes Ron Duggan, who had another splendid game on his return to the site, made an electrifying burst from almost halfway line. He was unfairly tackled well into the penalty area and Bobby Southall who had previously converted five penalty this season took the kick.  He hit the ball “high, wide and handsome.” It was his first penalty slip this season.

Another Lovely Run

After 90 minutes another lovely run by Duggan made the chance Denaby were waiting for, and Lambert made it one all.

Three minutes later there was a roar for a second penalty win Holmes appear to have been similarly unfairly brought down, but the referee awarded a corner which was cleared amid much scrambling, then came a flying header from Corby centre forward  Bull.

A defensive mistake almost brought a Corby goal after 41 minutes. Bull hit the ball narrowly wide, then after 44 minutes Markwell was fouled in the penalty area when he was well through on his own. Southall again took the kick in this and the ball was truly dispatched into the back of the net.

Half-time saw the score 2-1

Flying Start

Corby came back with a flying start and in of 48th minute a miskick give Dawson a chance on a plate. A beautiful shop and Williamson made an equally brilliant save at the expense of a corner. A Bull header missed by inches, then Lambert returned the compliment with the near miss at the other end.

After 52 minutes Denaby were ahead 3-1. Lambert, probably the best ballplayer Denaby have had since the days of Mick Killourhy, displayed his craft to manoeuvre into a shooting position. His shot was headed out by Haddon, but quick as lightning Lambert controlled the ball and repeated the burst. This time the shot eluded the defence and Holmes was there to turn the ball into the Corby net.

Two minutes later Holmes hit the post after the chance had been made by Martin, then after 60 minutes, Corby forced a corner on the right and Connors headed a “textbook” goal to make it 3-2.

The most remarkable phase came in the 67th to 17th minute. It began when Corby goalkeeper, Patterson was involved in an incident with centre forward Martin. The latter received attention from the trainer, and in the meantime, surrounded by a crowd of Corby players, the referee ordered Patterson off.

The game was delayed for some little time, then finally Dawson went into goal to wait the third penalty. Southall took the shot and scored.

Only three minutes later and Duggan shot close in was handled and the fourth penalty came up. Southall again took the kick, beating Dawson for a penalty hat-trick, but the referee ordered the kick to be taken and Southall scored again. Now it was 5-2.

Martin had a sure winner headed out by Connors (his first hot shot of the match) and Connors was obviously shaken by the force of the ball, but one minute later (77 minutes), Haddon and McGregor between them, obviously oblivious to the danger of the attendant Martin, attempted to leave the ball to Dawson and Martin racing between them to score (6-2).

Dawson later saved on the line from Martin, having kicked the ball off the line, then out of the blue Bull scored for Corby to make it 6-3.

There will be few incident packed games like this one at Tickill Square in many a season!