Denaby Utd – Denaby 6  Grimsby Town Res 2 – Denaby’s Surprising Win.

22 November 1920

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 22 November 1920

Denaby’s Surprising Win.

Denaby United 6  Grimsby Town Res 2

Denaby United exploded a bombshell among their spectators on Saturday by trouncing Grimsby Town Reserves, and scoring six goals in the process. It was a remarkable achievement, because the visitors included in their side a good sprinkling of first-team men.

Although Denaby played a fast and clever game in the first half, things did not look too promising at the interval, when, a goal down, they turned round to face the slope. They rallied splendidly, however, in the last half-hour, and broke through the Grimsby defence again and again.

The game was played at a fast pace, and was very exciting. Grimsby opened the scoring through Golightly after seven minutes’ play, Hamilton equalizing, and giving Denaby the first goal they have scored for a month, twenty minutes later. Smith put Grimsby ahead again just before the interval, and Jack Smith levelled the scores two minutes after the re-start. Grey put Denaby in front and he. Smith and Machin added one more each

Denaby played throughout like a team inspired, and Hamilton, Smith, and Peters were really brilliant.