Denaby Utd – Denaby 6, Hallam 2 – New Strong Weapon in United’s Armoury

7 September 1968

South Yorkshire Times September 7, 1968

New Strong Weapon in United’s Armoury

Denaby United 6, Hallam 2

Denaby United looked like supermen on Saturday — and it seems that Manager Harry Lee has done it again with a promising new signing, Senior, a 20year-old who can hit a volley as if it had come from a cannon.

MORLEY was great as ever up front. He scored Denaby’s first with a classic header, then put Roddis on to a pass which brought the second. Roddis, intent it seemed on redeeming himself after a string of unimpressive performances, had colossal bad luck with a shot which bounced out from the underside of the bar. Hallam goalkeeper Lord must have felt like a clay pigeon on a shooting range.

Jimmy WIGGLES smashed home a 20-yarder and Denaby could do nothing wrong. The Sheffield side’s defence was shaky and tended to rely more on hands than feet.

Hallam’s hardest worker, Wilkinson, strained himself to bring results, but they never looked likely.

Denaby came out for the second half ready for more and provided it. WHITTAKER, one of the cleverest wingers to grace a Yorkshire League pitch, scored a beauty in the 51st minute. RODDIS grabbed another very quickly.

Then with the volley which could be a major weapon in Denaby’s armoury this season. SENIOR scored the sixth. It was all over for Hallam. but, WILKINSON got his deserved goal three minutes from the end.


Denaby: — Smith, Whitehead, Caunt, Wiggles, Ainscough, Pettit Whittaker, Millington, Morley, Senior, Roddis.

Hallam:—Lord, Hanwell, Sands, Young, Jepson, Islip, Lawrance, Wilkinson, Ellis, Stainrod, Oates,

Referee, Mr. D. F. Morgans, Rotherham.