Denaby Utd – Denaby 6 Rotherham Town 1 – The One Unbeaten Team

December 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times December 9, 1905

The One Unbeaten Team

Denaby United 6 Rotherham Town 1

In the first half Denaby twice forced a corner, but the visitors cleared, and after 20 minutes play the home side were certainly playing the stronger game. Then rush on the right wing resulted in a scramble in front of the visa’s goal in the course of which Beevers was kicked and fell. He did not, however, fall in a technical sense, and the referee allowed the game to continue. Linley sent it to Lavery, who netted the ball, the game being 25 minutes old.

The Rotherham crowd kicked up a row at the referee’s decision to allow a goal, and “Mick” Whitam, the Rotherham trainer all but went out of his mind over it, but Mr Fox endeared to his decision, and he was right, for Beevers was not down according to rule, only being at the time on one knee.
The injured player, however, subsequently left the field, and his absence Heppinstall and Lavery got away, and the outside man gave his partner a grand opening but “Jack,” with only Scott to beat, widget for a final moment, and Scott daring, dashed out and took the ball off his toe. The visitors got down the left wing, and Kettleborough, was a rattling oblique shot equalised, Hancock being helpless to stop the ball

From the centre kick Rotherham again invaded, but Marshall sent them back, and the home left raced in again. Laverly, shooting in his stride, hit the crossbar with a tremendous bang, and for the rebound Docherty banged the ball past Scott, given Denaby the lead again.

The evident earnestness of the Denaby forwards met with a warm approval of the crowd, who signalled the same in the usual manner. They had a further excuse for cheering in a moment, for the ball had just been restarted when Laverly and Heppinstall were off again, the outside right meeting a return from Johnson, and beating Scott for the third time.

At half-time Denaby United led by three goals to one.

In the second half the one back game puzzled Denaby, whose forwards were repeatedly thrown aside. Presently however Laverly got away on his own, sprinting more than half the length of the field and banged the ball past Scott, and registered Denaby’s fourth goal after the game are been resumed after an hour. The success made a win for Denaby almost a cast-iron certainty, and the crowd greeted the feat uproariously.

From the centre kick the visitors made another attempt to redress the balance against them, but Richardson shot weakly, and Hancock made an easy clearance. Denaby were attacking when Turner found Doherty, from the free kick and exciting scrimmage in the Rotherham goalmouth follow. Laverly again beating Scott, probably never saw the ball until he was beaten by it.

This put paid to the account of Rotherham, who now went completely to pieces. Denaby monopolised the play, and before the close Laverly scored Denaby six and final goal.
Rotherham’s unbeaten record at, so to speak, broken his neck, while Denaby’s on the other hand, was all the brighter for the encounter