Denaby Utd – Denaby 7 Grimethorpe 1 – Replay Tie – Denaby’s Smashing Victory

October 1906

Mexborough and Swinton Times October 27, 1906

English Cup
Replay Tie
Denaby’s Smashing Victory

Denaby United 7 Grimethorpe United 1

Owing to the inability of the Denaby and Grimethorpe teams to settle their differences last Saturday, the respective sides resorted to the Denaby enclosure yesterday (Thursday), and the game was definitely settled in favour of the home team. The Denaby tumour submits no change with the exception that Wessel came in for Lees; but among the Grimethorpe contingent, Wall took up the place of Perry, who fell back to centre half.

The usual vociferous yell roars around the ground at the commencement, and this was continued, with variations a moment later, when Lawler having failed to penalty kick, Hunter came forward and atoned for this remiss by completely beating Ward with a fine shot. Still the Fai was not taken out of the Grimethorpe attack, and Stuart soon and Bailey were very persistent. At length their efforts saw fruition in the shape of a corner kick. Stuart soon took place, and it proved exceedingly difficult to clear. So difficult in fact that Welsh handled in the process. The penalty kick twice taken was aborted, however, as Hancock, having saved finally in the first instance, the ball was ballooned over the bar at the second attempt. Riley at length sent a shot from about 30 yards distant, and it affected its purpose to the small delight of the Grimethorpe contingent. The ball entered the net slowly by the goalpost, and Hancock, hampered by a crowd of players, was unable to stay its progress.

Then the Denaby  team evinced a desire to return to the scoring of  goals, and Dyal, rushing down, forced a corner. The flag kick was mathematically exact, so much so, in fact that Ward was well beaten, and the Denaby score sheet was amended to read 4-1.

A return to the other end saw the Denaby goal placed in dire jeopardy, and Holiday, presented with the chance of the game, shot like a schoolboy. From Hancock’s clearance Hopkinson raced to the other end, and was inches wide with a magnificent shot.

Again the Grimethorpe men pressed, and again were their efforts rewarded by the granting of a penalty kick, as a result of Nimrod, in his eagerness to clear, having caught the ball with his arm. Lakin took the kick, and struck the crossbar with a terrific shot.

Half-time: Denaby United 4 Grimethorpe United 1

Similar conditions prevailed during the earliest stage of the second half, and Harrop had not the slightest difficulty in putting through. Again Dyal was conspicuous, with clever footwork, and Ward was not allowed a moment peace when the neat little Denaby forward line was on the run.

However, the Grimethorpe men again got down, and Wall, neatly tricking Wells, shot just wide. A cessation of hostilities was occasioned by a nasty collision between Lakin and Dyal, the result being that the latter was so badly winded as to be conveyed from the scene of action.

In the meantime Dyal had returned, and crowned some good work by a glorious shot taken on the run, which flashed along the bar white lightning, and from the clearance Westwood, at 30 yards, sent in an irresistible shot, thus scoring the sixth goal. The ball had scarcely been placed in motion once more when Dyal, with consummate cleverness, ran along the line, as sent in a glorious shot, which was, with the utmost difficulty, kept out of the net. The ball was then banded about from player to player, until Eyre at length settled the matter by crashing the ball into the net.

It was evident that the unfortunate contretemps in which Dyal had been a participant had a lasting effect upon that player, and he was taken from the field amid general sympathy. Denaby were still pressing when the final whistle went.