Denaby Utd – Denaby 7 Wombwell 0 – An Easy win for Denaby United

December 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times, December 20.

Sheffield Challenge Cup – Second Round
Denaby United 7  Wombwell 0

to use a phrase which is sufficiently expressive to any sportsman, one may say that Denaby had a “sweet thing” on Saturday, when a weak team from Wombwell paid them a visit in the second round of the Sheffield Challenge Cup.

The weather was very unfavourable, and consequently, there was only a small crowd present. Denaby, and Hancock, Dunhill and J Whitehouse away. Roper, who has undergone a long-term suspension, reappeared.

Wombwell had only eight men, and were thus considerably handicapped. Kicking with the wind, Denaby did practically as they liked, and in the first minute Gladwin scored a very easy goal, the same player soon putting on a second. Following a spasmodic effort by Wombwell, the home forwards worked in, but offsides spoilt them. Shaw with an individual effort, forced a corner, which was beautifully placed by A Whitehouse, and T Hardy headed through. Denaby kept up a continual pressure, and a lovely centre by T Hardy was converted by McNeil, and a little later. Roper added a further goal with a soft shot.

Half-time: Denaby 5 goals, Wombwell 0 goals.

Resuming, the game was followed time or even, the Denaby gradually asserted the command and Normal on the defensive. Denaby scored no fewer than six offsides points. In a scrambling attack Chadwick scored again for Denaby, and Roper followed with another.