Denaby Utd – Denaby United  1  Wednesday reserve  0 – Denaby Win Again.

May 1909

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 05 April 1909

Denaby Win Again.

Denaby United  1  Wednesday reserve  0

Denaby United, although without the valuable services of Kelley, their clever centre half, transferred to Grimsbv during the week, proved equal on their own ground to defeating Wednesday Reserve by the only goal—a penalty by Welch—of a keen game.

The exchanges, considering the lateness of the season., and that there was nothing of importance attached to the result, were sparkling by reason of the evident desire of both sides finish in front, and though Wednesday showed much of their old-time cleverness times, taking the game as a whole, Denaby were the more dangerous and were well worthy the verdict.

Frost, who came in at centre-half, fulfilled the requirements of that exacting position surprisingly well, whilst the good work of the defence generally is indicated the fact that Wednesday could not score. The home forwards were honest tryers with a plentitude of dash that gave the visiting defence periodical anxiety. And in that defence Slayin was easily the most conspicuous figure, Napier being anything but comfortable in goal, where his clearances at times were indifferently carried out. Wednesday had several now men, mostly Scotchmen, and they shaped very well, though far the best player in the attack was Taylor, who centred and shot with accuracy whenever opportunities came his way. It was good game, reflecting credit on both sides.