Denaby Utd – Denaby Utd 2 Rotherham County 0 – Denaby win in the Mist

February 1906

Mexborough and Swinton Times February 24, 1906

Denaby United 2 Rotherham County 0

At Denaby in misty weather, on a heavy ground. The County run up on the right, but Lawley cleared woodland centre. Later, Hancock ran out and bounced away a long shot. Denaby replied, and Tomkins forced a corner from which Docherty scored, five minutes from the start will stop

A County rush was spoilt through Chambers getting offside, and at the other end Lindley had a splendid centre blocked by Thackery, who promptly kicked away.

The game was very even and in one attack by the County, Hancock saved finally at close quarters from Hall, the resulting corner proving abortive.

Denaby now took up the running, shots from Docherty and Nimrod going close, while Laverley sent over the cross bar. Maintaining the pressure, Denaby tried hard to get through, but Thackery and Heaton were very sound in defence.

A breakaway by the County saw Lawley pull up their right wing, and Denaby were quickly attacking again, Docherty added their second goal heading through following a corner, the same play almost repeated the performance from another corner the next minute.

Half time: Denaby United 2 Rotherham County 0

Denaby started the second half with a rush, and Tomkins skimmed the side post with a shot from close in. The County responded and Hancock clearing from their left-wing. Denaby had much the best of matters, but the game had fallen off in interest, mistakes being frequent.

In a County attack Hall was almost through when Nimrod fouled him. From the ensuing penalty Thackery shot wide.

Denaby continued mainly on the aggressive.