Denaby Utd – Denaby visit Rotherham – County Unlucky to Lose (poem)

March 1907

Mexborough and Swinton Times March 16th 1907

Denaby Visit Rotherham
County Unlucky to Lose

You have read of teams full clever, you have seen them play the game,
the glorious game of football, to achieve a lasting fame;
You have set them on a pinnacle, in your memory kept them green,
it was the finest, cleverest team, that every you had seen.

But human only as a team they can’t always be on top,
And when sometimes you least expect they’ve got to take a stop.
Comparisons are odious e’er, but when a match you watch,
when one team is pressing all the time, a victory to snatch,

The other team, in desperate fix, score from a breakaway,
take both the point and laurel wreath alas, alack, a day.
To Red House Denaby came, to beat the County’s sterling team,
and win they did, though undeserved, “things are not what they seem”;

The County were the better side, of that there is no doubt,
the crowd they cheered, might and main, and encouraged by their shout;
The chances that the County had were numerous to relate.
They had hard lines, but could not score. Their shots were dogged by fate;

but Denaby did not lose heart, they plodded straight along,
they got a goal, two glorious points, and went home with a song.