Denaby Utd – Denaby’s Engagement – Review of Season

March 1907

Mexborough and Swinton Times March 2nd 1907

Denaby’s Engagement

Denaby will entertain Rotherham County and win. At any rate, they should do, but football is nothing if not uncertain. In view of their recent performances, however, they should be able to beat their own record for this season of scoring seven goals in the Midland league game. The two points will again bring them into the sphere of rivalry with Mexborough and Rotherham Town, especially in the event of a draw between these contestants.

Hope for Denaby.

Although there is considerable disparity between an emphatic victory of 6– 0 and a draw of two each, the doings of the Denaby team at Newark may be accepted as satisfactory. The Newark club in its own fastnesses, is one of the most formidable opponents in the Midland league, and it is a distinct feather in the Denaby cap to have captured eight goals and three points from the Nottingham stalwarts. I have been reminded of Denaby’s uniform success in away engagements, and a close scrutiny of the club’s record brings home this fact very forcibly to the follower of the Denaby fortunes.

The number of games played up to the present is 26. And of these 14 have been decided on foreign soil. Six of the away matches have been drawn, and in the majority of these cases the play has greatly preponderated in favour of the visitors. Four have been one and four lost. Of the latter three defeats occurred during that black period in the history of the season namely at the Christmas holidays, and the fourth was the result of the ill-fated visit to Clifton Lane.

The home record is also distinctly good. Eight of the 12 games have been won, 3 lost, and one drawn. Of both records the team might just be proud, and the splendid work of the team in the past leads us to hope for the future. There have been occasional lapses, and these have had the effect of destroying the championship chances of the team.

The management evidently sees brighter days ahead, for the general secretary, Mr T. Peters, is of opinion that the frontline has regained its old-time effectiveness, and that the excellent standard attained by the forwards of last autumn has been once more attained. Certainly the introduction of Brown at centre forward has had a wholesome effect, as witness his excellent performance at Newark.