Denaby Utd – Denaby’s Third Win

September 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times September 30, 1905

Denaby’s Third Win

On the heels of Doncaster Rovers, Notts County Reserve came to Denaby to be put through the mill, an operation which was carefully performed for them.

The visitors brought a strong side, including several men who have figured in first division football, but Denaby were the stronger side all through the piece, and had the visitors beaten before half-time arrived. The home defence were always too sound for the attack, and the home forwards, generally, too clever for the visitors defence.

Indeed, the difference in the Denaby United of the present day and the Denaby of this time last season’s is chiefly accounted for by the difference of their forward play. There is perhaps no more determination about the front rank, because last season the Denaby attack always seem likely do something without actually doing it, but there is an element of decision which last season was, for the greater part of the time, missing.

Today the Denaby five know that the proper destination of a good forward is the goal, and they go for that object in a fashion indicating that they, know the shortage cut to it, the result being that goals are scored and matches are won which last season might have been won, but somehow were thrown away.

It is a distinction with this difference, but last season Denaby and not yet worn a Midland League match, where is this season he will put all the best you to find the Midland League team will be the 1st to lower their colours – that is to say, worse than the washerwoman has already lowered them. The game they played on Saturday stamps the team as not only capable of winning the championship, but worthy enough to do credit to that honour if it falls their way.