Denaby Utd – Doncaster Rovers 2 Denaby 2 – Denaby’s successful expiring effort

October 1906

Mexborough and Swinton Times October 13, 1906

The English Cup
Replayed Game at Doncaster
Rovers and Denaby again draw
Denaby’s successful expiring effort

Doncaster Rovers 2 Denaby United 2

the replayed English cup time game at Doncaster on Thursday afternoon, between Doncaster Rovers and Denaby United, furnish the match so keen and exciting that it sustained the interest and enthusiasm of the 2000 loud spectators to ever eat right up to the sounding of the final whistle solo, when the team stood once more on level terms, both having scored twice.

According to the rules, extra time should have been played Bert, with the darkness coming on apace, and with the Rovers objecting to continue, the deciding half hour was out of the question.

A special train ran from Mexborough and Conisbrough, carrying about 500 supporters of the Denaby team.

Both teams may change, then maybe introducing their new capture, Dyal of Chesterfield at outside right and playing Tomkins instead of Lees at centre half.

In the Rovers side, Dobson, the old Mexborough player had to stand down from left half, through illness and this place was filled by Shackleton.

The players had rousing receptions, and with condition favourable for a good game, the ball was no sooner set rolling than exchanges got up speed right away.

Denaby started with a fine forward run culminating in Air swinging across a nice centre, which found Ashton clearing.

Denaby again returned, and set up a hot attack, which was eventually relieved by Roberts.

Generally continue to have the better of the game, Tomkins being conspicuous at centre half.

Hunter snapped up a good centre from Eyre and beat Stacey well with a good shot but the whistle had gone for offside. The Rovers broke away, and Langham wound up a good movement by sending wide.

The game was now fast, and even, and another hot Rovers attack proved profitless.

Harrop got a beautiful goal for Denaby after 28 minutes play. The point was the outcome of a weak clearance by Ashton, which found air outpacing him and passing back for Harrop to shoot, high and true into the far corner of the net.

Two minutes later the Rovers defence again got mixed up, but Stacey ran out and got the ball away.

The Rovers made a big attempt to get on terms, and Hancock tipped a lovely shot from Langham over.

Eight minutes from the interval the Rovers equalised through Kennick.

Half-time: Rovers 1 Denaby 1

the second half open with the gloom fast gathering. Air immediately got away with a winning run, was knocked off the ball by Butler.

Denaby remained on the aggressive and Stacey easily saved a shot from Dyal, who next minute, forced a futile corner

yet another corner fell to Denaby, and a hot scrimmage ensued in the goalmouth, culminating in Westwood kicking over the Rover’s crossbar.

Some pretty passing by the whole of the Denaby forwards found Hunter topping the crossbar with a swishing shot.

The Rovers, aided by a freekick, now press and one a futile corner, whilst at the other end Harrop was ruled offside. In a subsequent attack the Rovers goal experience a marvellous escape, the ball however for several seconds on the very threshold.

It was eventually got away, and the Rovers, sweeping to the other end, forced a corner, from which Guyte give the Rovers the lead 20 minutes from the resumption. The cheering that accompanied the point was immense.

The game now ruled fast and furious, and both teams won fruitless corners inside a minute.

Denaby, nearing the end, made desperate efforts to get on terms, and a splendid shot from Hopkinson cannoned back of the Rovers goalkeeper who knew nothing about it.

Three minutes from the end and shots were raining in on the Rovers goal and a great shout went up when the ball went crashing into the net, Harrop doing the trick, and nearly and his hands wrung off by his delight comrades.

Denaby add indeed pull the game out of the fire, and they deserve it, for all through the had been the clever team.

The last two minutes so the Denaby forwards working together with beautiful unison, and more than once it looked possible that Denaby would score again.

Their efforts were bought, and time arrived with the scores level.


Denaby: Hancock; Welch, Lawley; Nimrod, Tomkins, Westwood; Dyal, Hunter, Hopkinson, Harrop and Eyre

Doncaster: Stacey; Ashton, Butler; Fretwell, Roberts, Shackleton; Langham, Kennick, Guy, Butler, Peat