Denaby Utd – Doncaster Rovers 3 Denaby 1 – Rovers Win with the Wind

11 September 1920

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 11 September 1920

A Denaby Setback
Down at Doncaster
Rovers Win with the Wind

Doncaster Rovers 3, Denaby United 1

Two brand new teams making acquaintance with the Midland League after war suspension, on the strength of past experiences provided an attractive match on the Rover’s new and wonderfully compact little ground, on Saturday.

It was an absolutely new Rovers one saw, and Denaby, a shadow of its former self, when, always a power in local circles, it commanded respect. There was only one old face, and that was Tim Peters.

Doncaster enthusiasts in spite of their setback the previous week, when they were unlucky to lose against Rotherham Town, entertained no doubt as to their team’s ability to shadow Denaby, and, for once in a way, confident belief was well founded, though the collier boys created a sensation by scoring in the first two minutes, and further, making the Rovers go all the way even when they had received a winning lead.

It was, however, a compliment to the United, and further proof, if proof be needed that League football can be made to pay in this district, to find another magnificent attendance, quite 6,000 being present, including quite a contingent from Denaby, though missed the once familiar Thread and butter” cry which spurred the team on to many a victory ou the odd level crossing ground.

One could not helped but contrast the teams as they faced each other at the start. Doncaster, more uniformly proportion, taking the eye for business, with Denaby rather on the light side. The visitors, fielded the same side that brought the points from Barnsley, while Doncaster gave a trial to two young Scotsmen in McDonald, at centre, and Dockerty inside left.

The rather strong breeze which blew down the ground proved a rare asset to the Rovers, who won the toss, but following an early raid, in which Cox placed a long shot wide. Denaby swept down, Spencer and Hodgkins showing very clever combination, and outwitting Cowen and Hutchinson, for Spencer to bang across a perfect centre which Blakey only partially cleared, the ball going out to Marshall who fired in a first time effort, only to see it rebound to BAUGH who had only to walk the ball into the net. This was a hard knock for the Rovers who, however, attacked heavily trout the restart.

Hardly had the cheers died away than the teams were level. MCDONALD, who along with Dockerty (what Denaby memories the name revives!) was showing glimpses of first class form, shooting a very pretty following a finely executed movement by Cox. But, prior to this Robinson had been having an anxious time, for even though Garner and Uttley covered him well he had to handle several good shots. His work was very clean, and he always gave the impression that he was well up with it. Once especially, he raised a round of cheering be the masterly manner in which he knocked down and dealt with a long shot from Mahon.

Denaby at last raised the siege. Marshall and Baugh racing away, only to find Mahon and Wigglesworth in great form. But Denaby were themselves as a team to be worthy successors of many Denaby combinations, and time and again they earned favourable comment by the speed with which they manipulated a trick ball and initiated openings for scoring possibilities.

Doncaster second goal, however, put paid to their  account. It was a surprise goal, just one of those that used to electrify the Mexboro’ grounds when Billy Hibberd was at his prime. BROMAGE, a relation to the family which has rendered such fine service to the old club, dropped in what was intended to be a centre right from the line, at an acute angle, but the wind got hold of it and twisted it clear of Robinson’a reach and into the top coiner of the net.

This On the top of their form, the Rovers continued to attack, and though Chantey and Hamilton endeavoured to relieve the pressure, McDonald and Dockerty raced away again and shots were rained on Robinson, who saved in great style time and again.

Only occasionally did Denaby get within reach of Blakey and before the interval McDONALD added a third. This was the score at the interval, and the Denaby supporters were hopeful that the lead would not be for long. They were disappointed, for Denaby though they were rather more the picture, never really seriously challenged the home lot. Not that they had no chances, but they were up against a rocklike defence, sad were not so steady in attack neither did they show the same persistent doggedness as was supposed they would.

Teams: — Doncaster Rovers.—Blakey; Wigglesworth and Hutchinson; Mahon, Newham and Cohen; Kemp, McDonald, Dockerty and Bromage.

Denaby United.—Robinson; Garner and Uttley; McCormick, Chantry and Peters; Spencer Hodgkiss, Hamilton, Baugh and Marshall.