Denaby Utd – Frickley 3 Denaby 5 – 1700 See Gallant Cup Fight

October 1955

South Yorkshire Times October 29, 1955

1700 See a Gallant Cup Fight at South Elmsall

Frickley 3 Denaby United 5

Denaby obtained revenge for their previous week’s Midland league defeat by winning the FA Cup tie at South Elmsall, but they could claim little pride in their achievement. They had to fight hard to conquer opponents who were crippled by injuries and who covered themselves with honour and glory in a dramatic bid to save the game.

Frickley’s misfortunes began after five minutes when centre forward Fawcett was injured. But while he was receiving the trainer’s attention by the touch line Wilkinson scored an opportunist goal to put Frickley in front. Denaby got on level terms after 17 minutes. When as Duggan moved down the right wing, the whole of the Frickley defenders fell back instead of tackling him, enabling him to cross a centre which Flynn crashed into the net.

Frickley were badly handicapped by the injury to Fawcett, who hobbled about the field, alternately in his own position and on the right wing. But they were dealt an even worse blow after 37 minutes. Running out to save, goalkeeper Cale who was bought in at the last minute for Cattell was injured. He fell awkwardly and twisted a leg he was carried off and did not resume.

Virtually to Nine

Inside right Shephard went into goal, and, with Fawcett a “passenger.” Frickley were virtually reduced to 9 men. In the eight minutes before the interval Denaby lighted the position by getting three goals through Duggan, Southall and Holmes. It is doubtful whether they would have had one of them had Cale been between the posts. For they were practically presented to them by Shephard. But it would be unfair to criticise Shephard: he is an inside forward – and a very good one too – not a goalkeeper.

It was in the second half that Frickley rose to great heights. Their 10 men, with Fawcett in goal and Shepard at centre forward, made a valiant effort which will be talked about for a long time. From the kick-off they gave Denaby a hammering under which the United defence reeled, and when Wilkinson netted after 55 minutes and McGovern 20 minutes later, to make the score 4 – 3, the result was wide open. Denaby went near to panicking at this moment, for they were put out of their stride by Frickley this year views the as. But it was too much to expect and meant to maintain the pace against 11. The game evened out in the last 10 minutes, and with five minutes to go the issue was put beyond doubt by a goal by Poulson in one of Denaby’s few attacks.

Outstanding Man

Frickley as a whole deserve praise for their wonderful effort, and it mine be individualist to single out any man a special mention.

Yet the remarkable performance of Wilkinson cannot be overlooked. He was the outstanding man of the field and like the elusive Pimpernel was here, there and everywhere. Contrary to their fears, Denaby turned out a full team, Southall Duggan, Barnes and Flynn, who were doubtful starters, all played.

The team was not to be compared with that which had taken part in such a rousing league game on the same ground a week earlier, and they will have to play much better than this if they are to make further progress in the cup. Despite their own disappointment, Frickley would like to see their neighbours go farther. In view of the early kick-off, which prevented many mineworkers especially from Denaby, attending, the “gate” of 1700 and receipts of £122 were satisfactory.