Denaby Utd – Gainsborough 3, Denaby 3 – Rousing Finish saves Denaby’s Record

October 1935

Mexborough & Swinton Times, 4 October 1935

Still Unbeaten
Rousing Finish saves Denaby Record

Gainsborough 3, Denaby 3

Although Denaby United drew 3 –3 at Gainsborough they were rather fortunate to gain a point. At no time did Denaby produce the form of their previous games. On the run of the game neither side was worth three goals, both getting two goals which they did not deserve.

Picken gave an excellent display in the Denaby goal, while Leek at right back, was outstanding. For once in a while Clarke was not himself, probably feeling the effects of his injury. Beadman, at right half, played well considering that he had just recovered from an attack of influenza. Sykes was too much of a third back and was led all over the field by Hall, the Gainsborough centre forward, and neglected the inside men. Smith probably played one of his worst games since joining the club four seasons ago. Guest parted with the ball more often than he did last week, but Fleetwood had an off day. He could not work the ball advantageously and was not always able to find his colleagues. Blackburn did quite well. He has only made four appearances but has scored seven goals, five in the Midland league. On Saturday he had only five shots at goal but scored all their goals. Barks was of the form and Guest had little to do, but what he did he did well.

Gainsborough, who have got together a useful team, had a capable goalkeeper in Milnes. Goodacre and Bowron did a lot of hard work, but in the closing stages Blackburn caught them napping. Archer was the pick of the halfbacks, Hall was too closely watched by Sykes to make any headway. But while he was drawing Sykes, the two inside men, Taylor and Eyres gave Clark and Leek plenty to do. Kirk on the right wing was more in the picture than Mills.

Denaby defence busy.

Both goalkeepers had plenty to do in the opening stages. Fearnley dropped the ball in the goal area and Blackburn shot across goal with Milne’s well beaten. At the other end Hall narrowly missed opening at Gainsborough’s account, heading over from cakes well placed centre.

Gainsborough’s efforts were rewarded after five minutes. Milnes lobbed the ball into the Denaby goalmouth and Taylor, standing close in shot past the helpless Pickering. Following two successive corners, Hall missed a couple of sitters. The Denaby defence was kept busy. After a series of scrambles in the goal area Gainsborough went further ahead through Eyres. 30 minutes had elapsed and Denaby had only been within shooting range once.

Denaby improved and Blackburn led a move which led to a defender handling in the penalty area, but Denaby’s appeals were ignored. Blackburn and Baker raced after the ball in an other raid, the latter touching it to the advancing goalkeeper, Blackburn, however, managed to steer the ball into the empty net. Eyres scored Gainsborough’s third goal.

After the first five minutes of the second half Denaby recovered and kept the home team on the defensive. It was rather a surprising turn to what had been a one-sided game. With two minutes to go Gainsborough lead 3-1, but Guest broke away and Blackburn seized an unexpected chance and scored. Straight from the centre Denaby went down the field and Blackburn fastened on to another centre from Guest to put the teams on terms. With half a minute to go Fernley dropped the ball into the goalmouth to Blackburn, who was unmarked, but the whistle blew before he could get his shot in.