Denaby Utd – Gainsborough 4 Denaby 1 – Fought Every Inch of the Way

September 1965

South Yorkshire Times, September 25, 1965

Denaby Fought Every Inch of the Way.

Gainsborough Trinity 4 Denaby United 1

Make no bones about it! Gainsborough Trinity fully deserved their convincing 4-1 win over old rivals Denaby United at Gainsborough on Saturday in the second qualifying round of the FA Cup.

Denaby fought every inch of the way and in a final frantic effort a 73rd minute goal by outside right Jolley, reduced the deficit. But frankly is was more than United could expect. Two men stood out in a gripping game that had spectators applauding at half-time – an unusual occurrence at any time outside the Football League. Significantly they were Trinity’s inside right Billings, who got his sides third and fourth goals in the 44th and the 48th minutes, and Denaby’s courageous goalkeeper, Collingwood, who saved in brilliant style time and again from Trinity shots that deserved goals.

One spectator commented after the match that Billings was overrated. Well scoring two goals, helping to make a third and running amok in a Denaby defence that could not cope, is being overrated, it’s time for a shakeup of the English language.

Half-Time Advantage.

Gainsborough never looked back after a nine minute goal laid on for Trinity outside left Smith by Billings and Waite. Collingwood dived, but was unsighted and the ball went under him. After 30 minutes Denaby’s Cox, who had been showing great anticipation in nipping home attacks in the bud, spoiled his display with a clearance that went to the feet of Rooney. Again the Denaby keeper had no chance.

Almost on half-time Billings dived to head home a Waite corner and three minutes after the restart headed his second. About halfway through the second half United realised their chance of the court progress was slipping away and put in some tremendously hard work. But they were too often caught in possession and their overenthusiasm resulted in Williams have been his name taken after a vigorous – not vicious – 70th minutes tackle.

Jolley’s 73rd minute goal came out of the blue. It was a long shot in all senses of the phrase, but it had Denman well beaten.

Encouraged by this, a finely judged Kelly shot in the 85th minute – the best shot of the match – hit the side netting; but by now the chips were down.

Teams and ratings:

Gainsborough: Denman 7; Green 7, Stainton 7; Middleton 7, Mordue 7, Kilkenny 7; Waite A, Billings 8, Nicholson 7. Rooney 8, Smith 7.

Denaby: Collingwood 8; 16, Cox 6; Colin 6, Dalton 6, Williams 6; Jolley 6. Smith 6, Kelly 6, Caunt 6, Toyne 6.

Referee: Mr. A. D. Hirst 6.