Denaby Utd – Grantham 2, Denaby 1 – Hard Going at Grantham.

13 January 1928

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 13, 1928

Denaby Unlucky.
Hard Going at Grantham.

Grantham 2, Denaby United 1

Grantham: Fox; Yaldren, Derrick; Cooke, Waterall, Pearce, Watson, Spaven, Smith, Keeton. Dennis.

Denaby: Birch; Goodison, Hunter; Clegg, Ogley, Windle Wroe, Johnson, Kelly, Ingledew. Hetherington.

Referee: S. Tinkler, Radcliffe.

A fine game, with the teams as well matched as could be, took place at Grantham on Saturday. The pace was fast from the start and some fine defensive work was put in. Grantham were lucky to get the verdict, for Denaby got the ball in the net twice but the referee ruled them offside. ‘

For Denaby the wingers were noticeable; Wroe particularly so, and it was fitting that he should score their goal. Hetherington was speedy and altogether the Denaby attack was distinctly good. The halves were active and took a lot of getting past. The backs tackled well and a feature of their work was their hearty clearances. Birch made some good saves and kept a fine goal.

When Denaby played so well it follows that Grantham, were in fine form; seldom this season have they hung together so well. Theirs was convincing football. Dennis, who started the scoring was exceptionally good in his fine centres and he beat his opponents time after time. Spaven, usually the sure shot and the ever-ready trier, was much less in the picture, while Watson, though good, missed chances that usually he would have snapped up. The halves held up their doughty opponents well, and Pearce was again prominent in attack and defence. The backs had all their work cut out against such thrustful opponents; if there was a fault it was that the right back was rather too keen and got up the field further than was safe. Fox improves greatly; some of his saves were of the best.

DENNIS got through a quarter of an hour after the start, and WROE equalised about five minutes later. Just before the interval SMITH got through for Grantham’s second.