Denaby Utd – Gresley Rovers 3 Denaby 0 – Second String Team lose at Gresley

March 1906

Mexborough and Swinton Times March 24, 1906

Midland League

Gresley Rovers 3 Denaby United 0

For this match at Gresley Denaby had practically to put in their second string owing to the Challenge Cup final at Rotherham.

In the first of Denaby, playing with the wind and sun, open well, and cause the home defence anxiety, but their shooting was erratic

Gresley’s right-wing got through early, and all of the ability of Wharton prevented them from scoring. Aided by the wind and free kicks then be kept play in the Gresley end, but the backs were equal to the occasion, the custodian not being at all troubled.

Eventually Gresley applied some pressure, and earned a unproductive corner. We kicking by the Denaby backs nearly let the Rovers through, Wharton again saving cleverly. Towards the interval the visitors played up, and the Gresley defence was severely taxed.

With the wind behind them, the Rovers rain shop in on the Denaby defence, Wharton clearing time after time, while Solomon and Harvey hit the upright.

Eventually Harvey scored a lovely goal for Gresley. Numerous corners fell to the home team, who added a second from a scrimmage, whilst third goal came from Wildman and only the splendid goalkeeper of Wharton that prevented further scoring.