Denaby Utd – Grimsby Reserves  2  Denaby 0 – Denaby’s Defeat at Grimsby

15 February 1909

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 15 February 1909

Denaby’s Defeat at Grimsby.

Grimsby Reserves  2  Denaby United  0

Denaby United were completely outplayed at Grimsby on Saturday, and they owed their comparatively light defeat solely to the excellence of Day in goal, who played splendidly all through, and made repeated clever saves. Once from Appleyard in the first half, and again from Cuthbertson in the second, saved when it seemed impossible that he could triumph.

Butler and Welsh tackled and kicked doggedly, but they received little help in the defence from their halves, of whom Kelly alone struck one a useful player. Beech was the best man in the forward line. He and Ball made a fast wing, which though good in midfield, was inept at close quarters.

Fore and aft Grimsby were sound. The forwards played admirable football, and shot well; while the halves held the opposing attack, and co-operated with their own vanguard.

Kelbourne and Appleyard scored for Grimsby.