Denaby Utd – Grimsby Twn Res 0 Denaby 0 – Shared with Leaders

16 February 1967

Mexborough & Swinton Times, February 16, 1907

Denaby at Grimsby

Denaby journeyed to Grimsby, and managed to share points with the leaders of the Midland league, the game being blank. Whether they gained any advantage from the wretched state of the ground it is impossible to say, but the result is a emmently creditable to them.

They had quite as much of the game as their opponents, and with a bit of luck would have won. Both sides attacked vigourously, but the finishing of both sets of forwards was weak.

The United halfbacks were very resourceful Eyre was the best of the vanguard, and Nimrod the most useful middleman. Westwood and Marshall both kicked well. The “star” of the site was Hancock. He making some really wonderful saves.