Denaby Utd – Grimsby Town Res 1  Denaby United 1 – Draw at Grimsby

10 February 1908

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 10 February 1908

Denaby Draw at Grimsby.

Grimsby Town Res 1  Denaby United 1

The game at Grimsby between the Town Reserve and Denaby United had considerable bearing on the Midland League Championship and this knowledge had an adverse effect upon the players, who hardly rose to the standard expected.

The result- a draw – accurately reflected the run of the game, and if the hundreds of supporters who made journey wore disappointed at their team’s striking sequence of successes coming to end, compensation was forthcoming in the knowledge that Denaby had brought off another creditable performance halving the points with a club with ambitions akin their own.

The best football of the whole ninety minutes was shown by the “Villagers’’ in the first half, during which the Denaby forwards displayed capital combination and an all-round understanding that had the Grimsby defence sorely tried, Andrews in goal covering many mistakes by his erratic backs. But the second half the boot was the other leg, an equalising goal early on having an inspiring effect on Grimsby, who had distinctly the best of matters.

Denaby gave nothing away, and on the whole game fully deserved a division of the points.