Denaby Utd – Ground To Be Changed.

11 May 1912

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 11 May 1912

Ground To Be Changed.

The Denaby United football club is, within the next few weeks, to undergo a process of considerable reorganisation. The Denaby end Cadeby Collieries, Ltd., are providing a ground adjacent to the existing cricket field, and are making it suitable for the requirements of Midland League football.

The grand stand, erected three seasons ago at a cost of £400, is to be removed, lock, stock and barrel, to the new headquarters, and this also will be at the expense of the Colliery Company, it is understood. The advantage of this change of premises is obvious, for the ground is centrally situated, and will be able to draw spectators from all parts of Denaby Main and New Conisborough with equal readiness and convenience.

Practically all the players who have finished the season with Denaby, have been retained for next season and a scale of payment which differs somewhat from what usually attains in Midland League football. For the last two or three months of the expired season, the payments to players have represented little more than an acknowledgment. The management, in view of the undoubted decline of support and the trench in all possible directions and we are assured by the new financial secretary, Mr Herbert Wray, that the deficit on the season just concluded is not very serious, though there is an accumulation of debts not previously shown in any balance sheet, which will bring the club’s indebtedness up to something like £150.

As Midland League club’s finances go, this is not very formidable, and there are already several small schemes afoot for the reduction of the deficit. One of them is a systematic canvas of the village to collect pennies for the support of the club. This does not imply the penny levy at the Colonies which is so frequently spoken of, a system not likely to be adopted at Denaby and Cadeby.

It will he remembered that in February, for alleged misdemeanour, Mr. R. Dunn and Mr. J. Barlow, official of the club, were suspended by the football authorities from any future management of the deb, and the management was taken over by Mr H. Cusworth (correspondence secretary), and Mr. H. H. Wray (financial secretary) both enthusiastic supporters of the club.

Prior to the rearrangement Midland League “gates” were briefing in an average of £6 per week. Afterwards, owing principally to the coal strike, the average dropped to between £3 and £4 a week. All this, notwithstanding, the management are looking forward with renewed hope to the coming season, and are firmly convinced that there is still a good prospect for Midland League football in Denaby.

So much so that they have applied for readmission to the League, and have obtained promises support from the two Sheffield club, the two Rotherham clubs, Mexborough Town, and Doncaster Rovers and others, and a person from its at their election shall be proposed by the Chairman of the Midland League management, Mr. Stanley Brightmore, of Doncaster; so that there appears to be little difficulty on that head, especially an Barnsley Reserve are created a vacancy by dropping out. We are looking forward with a good deal of interest to the annual meeting of this club. It is more than likely that there will appear on next year’s management committee, direct representatives the two collieries, and of the glass works.