Denaby Utd – Happy Annual Meeting – Past Record and Future Prospects.

16 May 1908

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 16, 1908

Denaby Football Club.

Happy Annual Meeting
Past Record and Future Prospects.

Mr. C. Bury (president) presided over the annual meeting of the Denaby United Football Club, held at the Reresby Arms, Denaby, on Thursday night.

A Good Record

Mr. T. Peters presented the annual report for season 1907-8, which he described from a playing point of view, as the best the club had ever gone through. Not a single match had been lost at home—a record equalled by no other club in the Midland League. Denaby had also lost fewer matches than any other club in the league, and had finished as runners-up for the championship with only two points less than the champions, Sheffield Wednesday Reserves.

The home record was played 19, won 16, drawn 3, lost 0; with 66 goals for and 18 against.

Away—played 19, won 7, drawn 5, lost 7; 2.5 goals for, and 31 against; the total points gained being 54, a gain of six on the previous season, with a total goal average of 91 goals for and 51 against.

The club ran into the third round of the English Cup, scoring 18 goals against two. The club was beaten in the first round of the Challenge Cup, and won the match, Runners-up v. Champions of the Midland League, by five goals to two.

In all, the first team played 43, won 26, drawn 8, lost 9, scoring 114 goals for and 56 against. The reserve team had experienced their most ,successful season, winning 17 of their 30 league matches, losing 6, drawing 7, scoring 73 goals against 34—a gain of 26 points on the previous season.  In all, the Reserves played 35 t matches, won 21, drawn 7, lost 7, scoring 96 goals against 39.

The Players

The committee had been successful in signing on the following ‘players for next season:

Old players—J. Hancock, W. Lawley, J. Nimrod, T. Kelley, J. Ball, L. Moseley, J. Sheldon, T. Peters, E. Sheldrake, H. Mitchell, and H. Beard.

New players—C. Tayles and J. Lowe (Mexboro’ Town), Cluer (Nuneaton), H. Marsh and Barker (Bridlholme), S. Greenhalgh (Southampton), J. W. Westwood, E. Westwood, and G. Padley (Worksop), J. Headland (Conisbero’ St. Peter’s), C. Frost (Brimington) Primitives), J. Whitehead (Wolverhampton League), Battles (Rotherham Licensed Victuallers’ League), and T. Westwood (Treeton).

The Financial Statement

The Statement of accounts showed that the receipts had amounted to £710 0s. 3d, this amount including £574 2s. 5d. from gates and transfer fees, £38 2s. 10, stand receipts, and £86 10s subscription

On the expenditure side players’ wages bad amounted to £384 18s., travelling expenses £63 16s. 11d, teas and refreshments £25 17s 11d, salaries £31, printing £29 18s 1d compensation to players £14 6s 6d, boots £13 5s 6d.

Among the other expenses were the payment of previous year’s accounts amounting to £40 10s, the total amount paid out being £670 3s 5d, leaving a balance in hand of £40 5s 10d, so that in reality the club actually cleared on the seasons working about £80.

The reports were unanimously adopted on the proposition of the Chairman, who thought the club had every reason to feel satisfied with the results of the past season, which have been a success both from a playing and a financial point of view.

Election of Officers.

Mr C. Bury was unanimously re-elected president, and, a full measure of praise paid to his fitness for the leading office.

As secretary, Mr. T. Peters was proposed, but an amendment was forthcoming from Mr G Milnes that Mr. E. Dunn be elected secretary manager and Mr. Peters his Assistant. Mr, Milnes said that the club had been run at the expense of £5 per year management. They could not have a club run at much less expense. Mr. Dunn had taken all the technical work, and it was important that one who ” knew° the ropes” should hold office.

Mr. ASTBURY seconded.

Mr. DUNN said he would like the ‘meeting to understand that the proposition came without his sanction. He told them frankly that he would not take the position unless he took it as a “professional” – a straight hint that the meeting accepted by electing him and Mr Peters to the position indicated in the amendment, leaving the terms of office to be settled in committee.

The Chairman said they all knew the interest Mr Dunn took in the club. He had, more or less, built it up from the beginning. It was important now they were an established and comfortable club that they should have good management.

At a latest stage Mr Dunn announced that he believes the team that signed on for next season was 25% better than last season’s successful combination. Before they had not got a good centre forward and now there are likely to be troubled by having too many. (Laughter and applause)

Mr, G. H. Milnes was r-elected. treasurer, and the following were elected on the management committee:—Messrs T. Athron, H. H. Wray’, W. Cooper, R. Lapridge, J. Ingledew, J. Asher, J. Barlow, E. Robinson, W.  Astbury, Anthony, A.. Dudhill, T. Everitt, H. Everitt, F. Baxter, H, Mason, J. Senior, W. Lawrence, G. Marks, E. Feeney, J. W. Gladwin, J. Boylan, and A. Davis.

J. Hancock was elected captain of the first team, and J. Nimrod Captain. Second team captain, E. Sheldrake; vice-captain, Mr. J. Sheldon.

The usual votes of thanks brought a happy and optimistic meeting to a close.