Denaby Utd – Huddersfield Town 3 Denaby 1

27 January 1910

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Thursday 27 January 1910

Huddersfield Town 3 Denaby United. 1

This match was played on snow-covered field, at Huddersfield, before a small gate.

The Huddersfield Northern Rugby League club had no match on, owing to the frost.

Huddersfield enjoyed the advantage of the sun their backs in the first half, and after some even play Smith scored a goal from centre by Doggart.

Then Denaby United took the hall to the other end and after several onslaughts on the home goal, which Felstead cleverly repelled, Kelly scored with a good shot.

Huddersfield then had a look in, but several good shots failed.

At half-time the sides were still equal. In the second half North netted with a long shot, but the claim was disallowed. Amends were made later, Foster and Grundy scoring.

Result: Huddersfield Town …. 3 goals. United . , 1 goal.