Denaby Utd – Hull City Res 8 Denaby 1

10 September 1910

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 10 September 1910

We have not yet entirely recovered from the blow which was dealt us on Thursday at Hull in the opening game of the season.

Denaby sent a pretty sound team over to be beaten to a shocking extent of 8—1, a catastrophe the size of which has no parallel I believe, in the Denaby records. Denaby’s defence must have been in a bad way toward the end of that hurricane game. I can quite understand Denaby’s defeat, but not the extent of it.

The Hull side included forwards who will score a few Second league goals before Easter is reached—J. and W. Smith and Musgrave, for Instance. But the best side in the Second Division might not to be capable of beating Denaby United 8—1. We suppose we must relegate the problem to the limbo of unexplainable’.

Hull speedily got ahead, but a grand movement in the Denaby attack led to the visitors equalising. Then Hull got a couple more before ball-time; four in the second half and Gregory made a good thing of it by scoring their eighth goal.