Denaby Utd – Hull City Reserve 1  Denaby United 0 – Denaby’s Narrow Defeat.

28 December 1908

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 28 December 1908

Denaby’s Narrow Defeat.

Hull City Reserve 1  Denaby United 0

There was little to choose at Hull between Denaby or the City Reserve. Play fluctuated considerably. Denaby were the first become dangerous, but the Hull backs defended finely; in fact, the defensive play of both teams was the outstanding feature the game.

The closing stages were marred by the introduction of rough play on both sides, Nevins and Sawley, the latter of whom was introduced into the Denaby team at the last minute, being culprits.

Hancock gave exceptionally bright exhibition in the colliers’ goal, and could in no wise be blamed for the only penetration made in the match. Welsh was the better of the two backs, his kicking and tackling spoiling many of Hull’s efforts. The halves and forwards worked desperately hard, Marsh and Frost being continually on the move. The former had hard lines on several occasions.

On the Hull side Toward and Pace, among the forwards, and Morrison at half, and Hull in the back division, were prominent