Denaby Utd – Ilkeston 0, Denaby 2 – Too Clever For Ilkeston.

16 March 1928

Mexborough & Swinton Times, March 16, 1928.

Denaby’s Good Win.
Too Clever For Ilkeston.

Ilkeston 0, Denaby 2

Ilkeston, Elston; McDonagh, Marshall, Cousins, Mawmer; Simpson; Quinn, Breedon, Taylor. Clarke, Peel

Denaby: Birch; Taylor, Ogley; Clegg, Barker, Windle; Johnson, Jenkins, Kelly, Brayshaw, Stevenson.

Referee: G. Brannan, Derby.

In a gruelling contest on a heavy ground at Ilkeston on Wednesday evening Denaby proved the better side all round, and deserved their win.

Play was carried from end to end and Brayshaw was early prominent. Kelly almost scored, Barker shot straight; Clegg sent just outside, and Barker hit the crossbar. At the other end Taylor missed two fairly easy chances.

There was no score at the interval.

The second half was doggedly fought but the advantage was with Denaby. McDonagh failed to clear when he ought to have done so easily and JENKINS was presented with an open goal five minutes after the interval. Ding-dong play followed and with scven minutes to go a second goal was got by KELLY.

Denaby were the lighter and more nimble side and they adated themselves much more successfully to the heavy going than did Ilkeston. They were, besides, superior in craft in ever department. Their forwards combined better and played with much better method, They were a smart nippy lot, the halves were a splendid trio, and Taylor and Ogley put up a sound defence. Birch was safe.

Ilkeston were unfortunate in being without Julian at back owing to an injury he received on Saturday.