Denaby Utd – Leeds City Reserve 0  Denaby 1 – Denaby Defeat Leeds.

11 January 1911

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 16 January 1911

Denaby Defeat Leeds.

Denaby United 1  Leeds City Reserve 0  

“The going” was very heavy at Denaby, where a small attendance of spectators saw a game, determined enough in effort, but lacking the average attractiveness.

For this, the players were not altogether responsible, the necessary resort to mud-plugging having an adverse effect upon the football. There was little to choose between the teams. Denaby just about deserved the narrow victory which fell to them through the agency of Bisby’s goal, netted at a period when a draw looked like materialising.

Kelley, the ex-Denaby centre-half, figured the Leeds side, but he did not reproduce his old-time form. Hogg and White were stalwarts of the visiting defence, and Croot the best the attack.

Denaby were without Jones, their centre-forward, who had been given his papers, and was making a good debut at Doncaster, where he helped the Rovers with a “hat trick.”

Without him the forwards did but moderately, but the defence was good.