Denaby Utd – Lincoln City Reserve 7  Denaby 0 – Big Win for Lincoln.

28 December 1911

Sheffield Telegraph December 28, 1911

A Big Win for Lincoln.

Lincoln City Reserve 7  Denaby United  0

In defeating Denaby United yesterday by seven goals to nil, Lincoln City Reserve gained their third successive victory this week. There was one change in the home team compared with that of the two previous days, Priestley appearing vice Fraser at right-half.

In the very first minute the home side was one up. Platts scoring, but although they had much the better of matters subsequently, they repeatedly missed chances and did not score again until after the interval.

Swinburne, the visiting right back, received the attention of the ambulance men, after colliding with Platts, and Denaby were distinctly unlucky in haying to struggle through the second half with only ten men. Then their defence tumbled to pieces, and the active Lincoln forwards piled on goals. Durose and Barrell gained one each, and Gerry and Foster two a-piece. Final:—

Lincoln City    7 Goals.

Denaby United  0 Goal.





Mexborough Disappointing.

Gainsborough Trinity Reserve  3  Mexborough Town  0

Although Trinity Reserves were not strongly represented they experienced little difficulty in holding an advantage over Mexborough, whose display, in the first half particularly, was very disappointing. It was rarely that they got within practical shooting range of the home goal, and when they did their forward work was feeble and ineffective.

Had Trinity accepted the easiest of the chances that came to them in the first half they would have had a 6-0 lead at the interval. -At least four “open goals” were missed. Mexborough improved a great deal in the second half, the forwards making some smart attacks.    Twice they nearly scored from corners, and Vickers was unlucky with a fine grounder which grazed the post.

On the whole, however, the forwards did not display much resource in front of goal. This was the outstanding, weakness of the team, and at the end Trinity’s margin of goals no more than represented their superiority. Score :—

Gainsborough Res.         3 goals.

Mexborough Town         0 goal.