Denaby Utd – Mansfield 3, Denaby 1 – Denaby Unlucky.

January 1928

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 6, 1928

Denaby Unlucky.
A Defeat at Mansfield.

Mansfield Town 3 Denaby United 1

Denaby: Birch; Taylor, Hunter; Clegg, Ogley, Windle; Wroe, Johnson, Rodgers, Ingledew, Kelly.

Mansfield: Marlow; C. Jackson, W. H. Jackson; A. Baines, Bryan, Smith; Fisher; N. Maxwell, Morfitt, Bradley, Milner.

Referee: W. F. Maw, Leicester.

Denaby lost points at’ Mansfield on Saturday, but they had all the bad luck that was going, and could claim that they did not lose on merit. They scored the only goal of the first half, and did the bulk of the attacking throughout the game; yet the verdict went decisively against them practically from the commencement of the second half.

First of all, Windle, who played a tireless game, was penalised in the area for an apparently fair tackle, and Mansfield equalised with the spot kick—a bit of luck that put new heart into them just when they looked like cracking; and they got a second goal in fortuitous fashion when a shot went through off Windle.

But Denaby were never disheartened.  They attacked with spirit in an endeavour to restore the balance, only for the fates to frown upon their efforts, which ended in a mix-up that gave Mansfield a chance to score a third and final goal.

Play never reached a high standard at any time, but what could one expect on a ground in a bumpy .cast-iron state?

Perhaps had Denaby not scored first the result would have been different; for with yet another defeat staring them in the face at the interval Mansfield resumed in desperate mood, and with the luck helping them so lavishly they could not help winning. They included two amateurs for the first time, Baines and Maxwell, and both played prominent parts, the latter being a constant cause of anxiety to the Denaby defenders. Birch had plenty to do and his rushes out were invariably well timed. Clegg played a worrying game, but all three members of the middle line were in fine fettle. Taylor and Hunter did daring things and were effective. Rodgers worked hard without reward. KELLY scored Denaby’s goal in 33 minutes just after Windle had seen a smashing drive well stopped by Marlow. A minute later Marlow snatched the ball clean off Kelly’s foot as he was about to shoot.

Denaby attacked on resuming and kept on the pressure, but a fine move by Mansfield saw Windle penalised and the arrival through W. H. JACKSON for the equaliser. Mansfield took the lead five minute, later following a run by BRADLEY whose shot went through of Windle as he rushed across to tackle. Birch had a busy time after that but saved all attempts until five minutes before the end when BRADLEY got a shot past him.

The finishing of the Mansfield forwards was sprightly. For Denaby Johnson put in much clever work.